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Vogue World Takes on New York


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If there had been any doubt that Vogue holds dominance over the fashion industry, it was all put to bed on Monday night at the Vogue World event. Hosted during New York Fashion Week, Vogue made its spotlight even more prominent to celebrate its 130th anniversary. With Vogues longest standing Editor-In-Chief and fearless leader Anna Wintour leading the magazine through 34 years of controversy and beauty, Vogue World was a star-studded success. With the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker shoulder to shoulder with Sabrina Carpenter and Cameron Dove, the Vogue world certainly corralled every type of celebrity. This array of talent is a wise move on Vogue’s part, with each star posting on their socials the event had coverage from every angle and all types of perspectives.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz Beckham

However, it wasn’t just celebrities that Vogue World amassed in hoards, it was also branding. With over 100 brands showcasing their best fall 2022 collections including Gucci, Dior, Valentino, Burberry, and Coach. While many of the looks have already left the runway and hit stores across the US, the show was more of a performance and celebration of Vogue and the fashion community of New York rather than the exclusive shows we typically see during fashion week. Unlike most New York fashion week events the general public could, for a hefty price, find themselves in the front row of Vogue World, perhaps even nestled between Lil Nas X and Anna Wintour. While having connections to the rich and famous, or being the rich and famous, will always help to get into these high fashion events, Vogue World sold tickets at somewhat reasonable prices; $130 for standing room, $750 for third row, $1,800 for second row, and a whopping $3000 for front row seats. With performances from Lil Nas X and seeing the world’s most famous designers and models walking the runway, Vogue World may be worth more than they have given themselves credit for. The 713 guests also received specialized tote bags, umbrellas, and even meet and greet with certain Vogue editors.

Serena Willims at Vogue World in Balenciaga

While the night may have been disguised as a celebration of Vogue’s longevity and enormous impact on the fashion world, it was truly a celebration of American fashion and innovation. The show opened with American tennis icon Serena Williams walking the runway in a custom Balenciaga dress and cape, looking like the superhero she is. Another iconic name to walk the Vogue runway was legendary singer Erykah Badu, while this was Badu’s first runway she seemed to own the catwalk. Badu told Vogue, “And you kind of let the ancestors guide your footsteps, hoping you don’t step in the wrong crack,” while her performance was of course flawless, her nerves truly display the intensity of Vogue World and walking amongst some of the best models in the world. A portion of the event proceeds will go to the CFDA, Council of Fashion Designers of America, which promotes American designers within the global economy. The long list of American icons, donations to American-based foundations and the availability to the public display how Vogue World was truly made for the American public and its fashion world. Perhaps that is what made Vogue World so successful and refreshingly different from other fashion shows, it was made for the people rather than the industry.

Erykah Badu at Vogue World

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