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The Easy Guide to Fall 2022 Trends You Can Wear Right Away


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Level 21 Fall Trends 2022

As the clock strikes midnight on the first Tuesday of September, many start to dream about pumpkin spice lattes and spooky movie season. While the official start of Autumn isn’t until September 22nd, the transition from scorching heat to cooler days brings a sensation nobody can ignore. To stay ahead of the game however, preparation is key when it comes to fall trends 2022! Tackling the stores or searching your favorite e-commerce is vital to having a complete wardrobe just in time before the thick of the season.  This proactive strategy helps avoid encountering sold out items and last minute, unflattering buys. Lucky for our readers, we have prepared the perfect style guide for trends you can wear right away for Fall 2022.

Trend #1: Clogs

Yes, you read that correctly. Clogs are having a major moment this year. For many this may seem like old news as real ones know once you step foot in a pair of Crocs you never want to take them off. Crocs were inspired by the traditional Dutch clog which was first introduced at the 2002 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. With their increased popularity over the years, the patented foam shoe has faced harsh criticism as not being an attractive shoe. On the contrary, the brand has reported their record revenue has increased by over 73% since the pandemic. So, it only makes sense designers are taking a stab at designing a stylish clog inspired shoe to get some market share on what seems to be a consumer favorite.

Trend #2: Cargo Maxi Skirt

This trend is entering its cusp of popularity and probably won’t be mainstream until late this year. Again, preparation is key to staying ahead of the curve. This trend plays off the marriage between utility and aesthetics. This is the traditional maxi skirt’s tomboy cousin. The cousin that has pockets for everything, a drawstring for better fit and thicker fabrics to stay warm in. This trend is super flexible. To give a more daring look, pair with a crop top and dark shades. For a classier feel, try pairing with a white turtleneck and long boots. Whichever way you style, you’ll be the first out of your friend group rocking it this season.

Trend #3: Chunky Rubber Boots

The chunky boot trend is here to stay and is making its way through the Fall 2022 season. Many celebs have been seen sporting the Balenciaga x Crocs collab boots which consists of a round toe, rubber boot with a thicker sole debossed with the Balenciaga logo on the front. Rain or not, celebs like Cardi B, has popularized this trend all summer. As the trickle-down effect is sure to follow, many brands have put their own twist to the chunky rubber boot. This is one of those rare instances where a trend has as much versatility as it does. This item is so eye jarring that it can also serve as a statement piece. Keep this in mind if you decide to indulge in this trend and don’t let it wear you. These boots will do the walking and the talking.

Trend #4: Statement Hat

Do you remember crazy hat day at school for spirit week? This trend is reminiscent of that minus the forced tackiness. It’s perfect for a bad hair day, but it’s also a quick way to look stylish this fall. The key to making this trend efficient is implementing “the bigger the better” strategy. The bolder the colors the more electrifying the look will be. Material and texture play an important role as well. The whole purpose of this trend is to find the tackiest hat and styling it perfect for you. This trend really gives you full range to be creative and step outside the box. A sure way to turn some heads and receive many compliments.

Trend #5: Fuchsia!

The fashion industry is so wonderful because it has the range to inspire aesthetic changes in other industries. Fuchsia dominated the runway shows earlier this year and is predicted to trend also in the interior design industry. This bold take on pink eludes dominant sophistication. The trick to getting the most out of this trend solely depends on the type of material used. Light fabrics like chiffon, satin or gabardine stretch for a blouse goes great with wide leg trousers. For an edgier feel, stick with tougher pieces like a leather jacket, a silver, studded handbag or a bootcut denim. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you incorporate this color in your wardrobe. Claire Sulmers, our recent cover girl, showed us how it’s done at this year’s Beauties with Brains event. Have fun picking your favorites this season!

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