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The Brandon Blackwood and Starbucks Collaboration


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Brandon Blackwood and Starbucks: The Collaboration We Never Saw Coming!

Brandon Blackwood and Starbucks just made the summertime better with the release of their new bottle bags. This is all due to Starbuck’s releasing ready to go offerings of two of their most popular drinks, the Pink Drink and the Paradise Drink. On the other hand, the Paradise Drink has rich flavors of pineapple and passionfruit. The Pink Drink is mainly comprised of strawberries and acai. While this may seem like a surprise collaboration, it made sense for the designer.

[…] They’re both on-the-go drinks ready to enjoy. So, I really wanted the back to represent that. On one side, you have your drink, on the other side, you can store your wallet and your keys. And I do actually love the Pink Drink!”

Brandon Blackwood

As their core audiences love an interactive experience, the opportunity to purchase a namesake product is the cherry on the top. Mr. Blackwood titled this collection Sip and Sling in reference to how convenient the consumer can sip their drink and sling their bag back down once their done. The matching color ways and functionality features makes this more than just a novelty bag. It hits the mark on all angles as far design, user friendliness, marketing appeal and on the pulse positioning. This Brandon Blackwood and Starbucks collaboration has definitely set a fine precedent. The handbags are set to be on sale on April 28th at 9:00am on

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