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Monochrome at the MET


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Monochrome is in and pink is the color of the season.

The Gilded Age: a time period spanning from the 1870s to the early 1900s. The world had seen an economic boom due to the Industrial Revolution and began to move from agriculture to the industrial world. With this shift came opulence, class, and the introduction of over-the-top fashion, which is undoubtedly the best kind. The style of the gilded age was recently thrown back into the world of fashion for the most voguish event of the year; the MET gala. This year’s theme was Gilded Glamor, we saw everything from ball gowns to wedding dresses. Although each outfit expressed a unique take on the theme one thing stayed consistent throughout all outfits, the color scheme. 

Gigi Hadid in Versace at 2022 MET Gala

The role of color within the fashion industry is complicated, too much looks tacky too little looks bland. The rules of fashion in relation to color, however, are very strict, of course, we all know not to mix green and yellow and to stay away from brown and gray. But the MET gala doesn’t have to abide by these rules, this event is about pushing the limits of the fashionable and breaking fashion norms. Colors and patterns can have differing effects on an outfit, perhaps that’s why most designers at this year’s MET gala chose to stay away from the pressure of color. Most seemed to opt for a clean black and white look or an elegant monochrome direction for their designs. 

Bella Hadid’s all-black Burberry piece takes inspiration from the fantastical side of fashion. Wearing a black corset, draping lace skirt, and beautiful fishnets, Hadid looked like the damsel in distress from a vampire novel. The complete blackness of the outfit allows the designs of the skirt and tights to truly stand out and contrast with the plainness of the corset. It also reflects the simplicity of the Gilded Age as it demonstrates that subtle elegance found in the upper class. 

Bella Hadid wearing Burberry at 2022 MET gala

However, the opulence of the Gilded Age is Lost in Hadid’s outfit, perhaps intentionally, but we see that opulence tied with that monochromatic theme in Cardi B’s dress that is literally dripping in gold. Her gold chain dress truly represents the glamor of the gilded age, while maintaining that MET gala touch of absurdity. The rapper also arrived in style, in an equally glamorous gold detailed car, truly understanding the assignment and embracing the glamor.  

Cardi B in Versace 2022 MET Gala

Even Sebastian’s stand got the monochrome memo as he stepped out in an eye-grabbing bright pink Valentino suit. The oversized suit truly channeled the 1980’s pop star and the intensity of the pink made sure Stan was the center of attention. The monochromatic color scheme in Stan’s outfit is the defining quality of the suit. Otherwise, it would just be a baggy suit, but that vibrancy and commitment to a singular color accentuated the minute details. 

Sebastian Stan in Valentino 2022 MET Gala

The Valentino uniform for this year’s MET was a very hot pink donned by Stan and Glenn Close. Close’s all pink pantsuit and cape competed with Stan’s and caused some big reactions when she lifted her arm to reveal another intensely pink floral design. Pink is highly significant in relation to the theme, as prior to the 20th-century pink was a relatively genderless color and represented elegance and aristocratic lifestyles.

Glenn Close in Valentino and Pierpaolo Piccioli at 2022 MET Gala

 What is the MET gala if not elegance and a representation of the aristocratic lifestyle?

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