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Gigi Hadid’s Guest In Residence Creating Cashmere Closets


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Supermodel and style icon Gigi Hadid‘s new fashion line Guest In Residence dropped September 7th and is now available nationwide. The brand had a successful launch party on Tuesday night at New York city’s Le Chalet, with an A-list guest list comprised of Taylor swift, Emily Ratajowski, and of course the Hadids. Guest In residence brings comfort, style, and luxury together with its colorful cashmere sweaters, pants and shorts. While Hadid is certainly no stranger to the fashion industry and has created lines for big brands like Tommy Hilfiger, this will be her first step into the industry as both creative director and founder. Largely inspired by her own closet, Guest In Residence will offer us a piece of Hadids personal style in the form of luxury loungewear.

The line is filled with comfort essentials with everything from robes and hats to joggers and sweaters, it is the ideal fall shopping experience. While the prices certainly categorize it as a luxury brand, with prices reaching as high as $600 dollars, Hadid offers something to all genders and a variety of ages. Inspired by her 2-year-old daughter Khai “Being a mom, you start to think about what the trends and style might be as your child grows up, and what I hope to pass down to her. ” The youthful influence is certainly apparent in the line as most items come in various fun pigments including Bubble Gum, Lime, and Cherry. Additionally, Hadid emphasizes the importance of sustainability and longevity in her brand, this stems from her desire to pass on her own clothing to her daughter and aims to ensure Guest In residence provides clothing that can be passed on throughout generations. The brand’s motto perfectly encapsulates this feeling “Garments designed to last years, not seasons”.

Hadid In Guest In Residence

Using 100% cashmere ensures that this clothing will last, cashmere can retain its shape and will not peel for years, even generations. Furthermore, Cashmere is one of the most sustainably sourced materials, which highlights Hadids connection to the world and what it wants. The recent uproar of fast fashion and poor quality clothing has led to people spending more money on fewer clothes that will not only act as staples for their closets but will also last them years.

The brand name, Guest In Residence also has an interesting meaning, as Hadid describes that it was inspired by her travels, and the sheer amount of time she herself has simply been a guest in residence. The website puts this idea into a much more eloquent and meaningful description “We are guests on this planet and in our bodies. Guests in our clothes. Guests when we travel or step out of our comfort zone.” The influence of travel on this line is obvious, in fact, this seems like the perfect place to shop before a long flight or car ride. Not only is cashmere comfortable but it doesn’t wrinkle making it the perfect item to throw into your suitcase and whip out at a moment’s notice. furthermore, the versatility of the clothing makes it easy to style up or style down and create a million different looks for a million different situations.

Sustainable, fashionable, and long-lasting, Gigi Hadid has truly broken into a new side of the fashion industry with flying colors. We can’t wait to see what she will bring next. Shop the line here, and follow Guest In Residence on Instagram, available worldwide on September 12th.

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