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Chloe Pearl: The Lingerie Brand Built on Self-Love


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Generations of girls growing up watching stick-thin supermodels walk runways wearing unrealistic and uncomfortable lingerie have suddenly revolted. The toxic Victoria’s Secret, body dysmorphic, and all-around demeaning world of lingerie is being changed by those it once worked to bring down, young women. Chloe Pearl is the 17-year-old lingerie designer that is promoting body positivity and bringing back the class of vintage lingerie, with her brand Chole Pearl Lingerie.

Designer Chloe Pearl

Coming from a fashion industry family Pearl’s accomplishments in the fashion world shouldn’t be surprising, with her debut at New York Fashion Week this year she has truly made a name for herself. The line presented at NYFW was comprised of silk and lace and everything one would typically see in a run-of-the-mill lingerie line. However, her vintage twist truly makes it something special, with soft silky camisoles and pettipants, which are underwear with ruffles commonly worn in the 1950s. Not only do the garments look amazing but they look comfortable as well, which is an aspect of lingerie that is often overlooked. The ideas behind lingerie have been centered around the male gaze for decades, making comfort the last thing anyone was thinking about however since more women have stepped into the industry this has slowly but surely been changing. Bringing more women into the landscape makes the future of women’s fashion hopeful, Pearl in particular has stated that her brand is centered around diversity, inclusivity, and femininity. Pearl creates comfortable and retro lingerie without sacrificing an ounce of feminity, she utilizes soft pastels to maintain that feeling of delicacy that naturally accompanies something as personal as your undergarments.

Model Wearing Chloe Pearl Lingerie

The successful NYFW debut was inspired by all things vintage, each model wore multicolored judge wigs and makeup that made them look like they stepped right out of Renaissance France. Draped in pearls and long gloves, the models looked just as timeless as the lingerie they were wearing. Another difference between Pearl’s unique branding is her ability to make it feel like art, rather than just having models walk in basic makeup and high heels, she creates an artistic narrative and puts on a performance. This feeling is also reflected on her websites, with specially curated photographs the buyer can view lingerie through a totally different lens. This artistic approach is helping to change the narrative surrounding lingerie and more importantly the people who wear it. When one wears lingerie they should look beautiful and feel like art and that is exactly what Chole Pearl is doing.

Chloe Pearl is not only changing the landscape of the lingerie world but she has also made an impact as a body positivity influencer and mentor for young girls everywhere. Pearls Girls is an organization that creates a safe space for young girls who are being bullied or struggling with self-love at all ages. Pearl knows the influence social media stars can have on young women and speaks at seminars and consistently posts body-positive messages on her social media. This is a fundamental aspect of the success behind Chloe Pearl Lingerie as their motto, which should honestly just be a motto everyone holds in their hearts, “Be the Love of your Life”. This socially aware brand and incredible designer have a lot to show the world, and maybe we should start paying attention.

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