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Bottega Veneta FW24 Was The Best Runway Show From Milan Fashion Week


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Bottega Veneta FW24 Was The Best Runway Show From Milan Fashion Week

Among the multitude of presentations during Milan Fashion Week, the Bottega Veneta FW24 show emerged as a beacon of innovation and daring creativity. The front row boasted an impressive lineup of celebrities including Julianne Moore, ASAP Rocky, Raf Simmons, and Kate Moss. In a fashion landscape often dominated by practicality, Matthieu Blazy’s designs shine for their distinctive blend of functionality and haute couture. The perfect pairing for offering a refreshing departure from the ordinary.

The Theme:

Moving along, subtlety took a backseat in Blazy’s latest collection, as opulence and extravagance took center stage. This season, Blazy’s vision made an audacious statement, with a pronounced emphasis on grandeur. Drawing inspiration from his journeys through Southern Italy, the designer transported guests into a captivating nighttime desert ambiance, replete with shimmering glass cacti and the allure of Calabria’s mystique.

“In a world on fire, there is something very human in the simple act of dressing.”

Matthieu Blazy

The Details:

The garments effortlessly expressed themselves on the runway, gracefully moving with the models’ every step. Oversized proportions took center stage, enveloping the models in flowing overcoats featuring solid colors, intricate patterns, and luxurious feathered textures. Next, the collection showcased a diverse range of materials, from cozy wools to structured leathers. Adding to, playful fringe and elegantly placed pleated cotton blends.

The key pieces included double-breasted blazers, sleek leather jackets, layered trenches, and timeless overcoats. Adding the finishing touch to Blazy’s grand vision were the brand’s iconic woven leather bags. Furthermore, Bottega Veneta’s FW24 collection spotlighted exaggerated collars, broad shoulders, and subtly curved sleeves. Thus, enhancing the overall aesthetic with a modern yet sophisticated flair.

The Color Story:

Finally, the collection prominently featured shades such as burnt orange, fiery burgundy, and soft pale blue. This added depth and intrigue to the overall color journey. These colors danced across the runway, evoking a sense of warmth and intensity yet tranquility. All the while, seamlessly blending into the desert-inspired aesthetic of the collection.

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