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4 fashionable ways to infuse sustainability into your style


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Building sustainability into your wardrobe and clothing choices isn’t actually as difficult as it might seem. Clothing is one of the largest sources of trans in landfills, and items thrown away and discarded simply because the weather fell out of love with that can be harmful to the environment.

If you are waiting to increase your sustainability effort via what you wear and the items you buy, this post looks at some tips you can use to help you increase sustainability in your fashion choices.

Avoid Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is one of the most significant threats to the environment. From the quality of the clothing, which is only designed for a few wears before needing to be discarded to the amount of waste and chemicals dumped into the waterways and landfills from their operations, it’s not ideal or sustainable and is highly damaging. Avoiding fast fashion is a perfect way to help you improve your sustainability efforts and reduce your impact on the world.

Invest In Quality Items

Look at the materials you are buying and what they are made from. Ideally, you want it to be made from natural fibers, meaning it has been designed more ethically and has caused less of an impact during production. This can be buying a women’s pocket tee made from cotton or hemp; for example, Buying linen items, those made from flax, bamboo, or even seaweed, can help you to increase the quality and suitability of your fashion choices and ensure that the items you do have are made to last regardless of the season.

Shop Preloved and Donate

Shopping preloved not only allows you to cultivate a wardrobe that is eclectic and stylish but also gives new life to discarded items others no longer want or need. Plus, it can often be cheaper than shopping at full-price stores for new pieces. So next time you fancy adding to your wardrobe, why not check out preloved clothing sites and heads of vintage or charity stores to see what they have, and find yourself some new clothes that still have plenty of life left in them! 

On the other hand, you should also be donating all of the items you no longer want or wear to other organizations that can sell them on or sell them yourself; this will remove them from having to be dumped at the landfill and take years to break down, contributing to waste and pollution.

Think 30

Will you wear this item 30 times? While this isn’t a cardinal rule to shop by, it can help you think more carefully and consider if you really need it and how often you will wear it. If you don’t think you will wear the item 30 times more, then it is worth the investment, or do you even need it? While there are some exceptions to this rule, thinking about how often you will wear an item of clothing before purchasing it can help you to think with your head, not your heart, and avoid contributing to the issue.

You can create a more sustainable wardrobe in many ways, and these tips are great places to start and easy to carry out. From buying preloved to avoiding fast fashion and considering how often you will wear a piece, these choices will make a big impact even if you don’t feel like they will.

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