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21 Exclusive: Neiman Marcus Would Like To Be Re-Introduced


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Neiman Marcus, announced the launch of its Fall campaign Re-Introduce Yourself With a history rich in magical stories and vibrant fashion, the preeminent luxury retailer writes its future filled with optimism, love, and the extraordinary. Simply put, Neiman Marcus is better than ever, looking to be a catalyst for change. South Park Mall Location’s Brand Experience Lead, Dawn Parkins introduced us to a more “Diverse Neiman Marcus” speaking exclusively with Level21, they would like us to re-introduce a new trend direction and looks for Neiman Marcus for fall 21′. We will be here for the full fall campaign.

Sent via press release by Neiman Marcus enjoy the details below. (Wink , Wink..Save the date to Celebrate with us September 17th & 18th!)

Re-Introduce Yourself encourages customers to embrace how they, the world and Neiman Marcus have changed and evolved over the past year. Imagined by the in house creative team, the 360 degree marketing campaign comes to life across multi-media print and digital advertising, native content, social media, and in-store visuals and events. The retailer’s new and exclusive brands are at the forefront of storytelling that invites customers to re-introduce themselves to the art of fashion and re-frame their place in the modern world with new rules, new perspectives, and new self-expressions.

“The upward business momentum we’ve experienced has been an optimistic sign of new possibilities and a new world,” said Lana Todorovich, President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Neiman Marcus. “This season calls for all of us to re-introduce who we are and what we’ve learned about ourselves. It’s time for Neiman Marcus to do the same, and we want our customers to not only meet us again but know that we’re in this together. We look forward to introducing them to new brands as part of our integrated luxury retail strategy and meeting them where they shop in our stores, on our website, and through our in-store and digital style advisors.” The bright skies, swirling leaves, and invigorating freshness of the Fall season all exude the crispness of change. It signals new beauty, new ideas, new perspectives, new connections, and a new sense of self.

Shot on-location in Art Omi’s sculpture and architecture park in upstate New York, on the Million Air runway in Dallas, and in-studio, Neiman Marcus’ Fall campaign concept captures that sentiment and the juxtaposition of customers’ re-emergence into work, life, and nature, featuring over 40 new luxury and emerging brands as part of the almost 100 brands featured in the campaign across women’s, men’s,children’s, home, and beauty. Debuting in mid- August, Neiman Marcus’ Fall campaign video is a principal element of the campaign and one of the ways the retailer offers a re-introduction to itself and services. Directed by Anais Larocca and produced in partnership with award-winning production studio The Mill, the video is a metaphor for the transformation of everyone, who, for the past year or so, felt life and self-expression were on pause.

The  visual narrative follows the metamorphosis of customers–depicted by dancers choreographed by Amy Gardner–as they expressively begin to unfold into their new selves and triumphantly re-emerge into the outside world. It also features three of Neiman Marcus’ own style advisors, whose service helps to trigger that change as they guide them through every moment in their journey of renewed energy and revitalized style.

Neiman Marcus is also bringing back its fabled seasonal editorial publication known as ‘The Book,’

which features exclusive interviews with fashion luminaries Gabriela Hearst of Chloe and Virgil Abloh of Off -White and Louis Vuitton, amongst a breadth of new content.Launched August 9th, 2021, as a homepage takeover with its own online hub for all things new atNeiman Marcus, Re-Introduce Yourselfdigital campaign stories will continue to go live throughout the season on Neiman Marcus’ Magazine ( email and social media.The Book will be available in-home to customers starting August 30.“Like our customers, Neiman Marcus experienced a transformation of our own,” said Daz McColl, Chief Marketing Officer, Neiman Marcus. “Re-Introduce Yourself is an opportunity for us to convey how we’ve evolved and share our re-imagined fashion perspective and hopefulness for the future that lies ahead while inspiring our customers to stylishly and confidently follow suit. It marks a new chapter in our story, evident in the way we’ve reimagined our approach to storytelling across all channels starting with our campaign video, which serves as a dramatic expression of human connection being a catalyst for change. Not only is it the first time we have featured real style advisors in a spot, but it’s also an ode to the vitality of their relationships with our customers and commitment to supporting each one in this new era by consistently providing personal and inspirational experiences.” store appointments and complimentary matching to one of their expert style advisors.

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