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What We Learned from the Travis Scott Documentary with Netflix


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Rapper, Travis Scott, released a documentary with Netflix called, Look Mom I Can Fly, on August 28, focused mainly on the process of creating his massively successful album, ASTROWORLD. In addition to featuring moments from the studio, the documentary gives a look into the personal life of Scott, including his goals, inspirations and his relationship with his family.

Travis Scott, born Jacques Webster, grew up in Houston, performing to small crowds before he became the sensation he is now, frequently selling out arenas and even starting his own record label. The documentary, filmed over the course of two years showcases Scotts whirlwind lifestyle offset by footage of introspective moments had with supportive figures in Scott’s life.

The documentary included a clip of Scott interacting with his high school counselor, Sarah Romero, explaining that he could not have graduated without her support. The documentary also includes a clip from 2017 of Scott’s high school principal, Kimberly Carroll, congratulating him on his success.

When it comes to his success, Scott takes industry achievements seriously, stating after being nominated for three 2019 Grammys, for Best Rap Album, Best Rap Performance, and Best Rap Song, “we made it on the board, man. That’s bigger than what we’ve ever done in life.” When Scott lost Best Sap Album to Cardi B, he is visibly distraught in one of the more emotional scenes in the documentary.

As well, Scott takes the visuals of his live performances very seriously, with some of the most stunning footage being from those performances. Scott plays a large role in designing stage sets and often would direct light and camera technicians on how best to capture his performances.

Looks into the rapper’s personal life with girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, and their daughter, Stormi Webster, are also included, breaking up the heavy focus on Scott’s career achievements. One of the more touching moments was a clip of Scott watching Jenner’s ultrasound, telling the doctor to be gentle, for fear the equipment would hurt his child.

“Just trying to figure out how much pressure you applying to that thing,” he said to the doctor.

When showing the sonogram to his friend, producer Chase B, Scott said, “ain’t going to lie, it’s the livest thing of all time.”

The documentary also features interviews with fans of Scott reflecting on how his music has impacted their lives, with one fan stating that the rapper saved his life. Scott explained that influencing the youth in a positive way is one of his greatest goals.

During the announcement of “ASTROWORLD Day,” a Houston event, in honnor of Scott, the rapper addresses the young people in the crowd, saying, “Y’all right here, y’all hold the future. It don’t seem like it ‘cause you can’t drive yet. Just use all the time that you can’t go to the parties and the clubs to really start working on your future.”

Photo Source: Ok Magazine

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