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Batman Breaks The Box Office Grossing Over 128 Million First Weekend


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The long-awaited Batman has just hit theaters, grossing over 128.5 million in its first weekend, after the completion of the more recent Batman Trilogy ended, which included: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, directed by Jonathan Nolan, (not including the widely successful and billion-dollar box office hit “The Joker,” featuring Joaquin Phoenix). If depth is the secret to the more recent success of Batman, then that is what director Tim Burton has sought to achieve in “The Batman,” finding the beauty in the darkness, and restoring the hope in heroism, -the “pioneer of animation” (claymation) has not let us down. -I look forward to watching this film! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a little research, to begin with, and hear what others had to say, seems like this one was also a big hit with movie critics, who have enjoyed talking about the film as much as Roger Ebert

Although “darker than previous iterations of [the] … comic book hero,” this film seems to cater to the younger audiences, drawing in fans from the twilight series starring as Batman, Robert Pattinson, it’s been described as one of the “best movies ever,” declares D.C. movie critic Travis Hopson of Punk Drunk Critics, cheers Batman enthusiasts. I’m sure the franchise is proud, having recently lost their founder and comic book writer Denny O’Neil “a visionary architect” of Batman, who passed away during COVID. The show must go on as they say in Hollywood, and this franchise is no stranger to that feeling. Although the theme is “things will get worse before they get better,” [9] we are left with the feeling that things have gotten better, reflective of the times, the uncertainty of COVID, protests, and where we stand, it is true too that it is no longer a question of who matters, when we keep in mind heroes for generations to come who remind us to speak up or let hate prevail.

Batman has time and time again been there for their audiences, brazing new land so to speak, with beyond the ordinary plots, themes, and systematic character development that wows us all. One is their new character, “Catwoman,” played by Zoë Kravitz, [11] daughter to music legend Lenny Kravitz and recent author of “Let Love Rule,” a true testament to his ability to love which his music teaches us, describing his music as “using the medium to say, something to try and help make a difference,” [12] which is exactly what his daughter has taught us, in so many words, landing this role. You know it’s the right person for the part when you can’t imagine anyone else in the role that they’ve chosen, and I think she has managed just that for her audience, and aspiring actresses and Hollywood types too.

This is her first audition for the movie Batman a film she has been interested in being a part of since 2012, at the time she was told she was “too urban,” for the role. As an African American actress, who struggled in her early years “with anorexia and bulimia,” she was determined to become an actress and did not let her educational goals get in the way of the pursuit of her dreams, opting to land her first role after only a year of college, starring beside Catherine Zeta-Jones. [14] She’s made it a point to consistently challenge herself, debuting her first directorial debut in “Pussy Island,” casting her now-boyfriend since August 2021 [16] Channing Tantum. If her life couldn’t be more perfect than where it is today. Young Hollywood is certainly making its mark, and leading us all through the ropes again in life! Despite backlash from her Met Gala gown, stunning in the eyes of some, and probably too much for others, we aren’t shy about the fact that those blazing trails tend to have the most confidence and we are proud of her for that. So although she wasn’t among the best dressed at this past year’s fashion awards, we don’t blame her for her diamond chained trend-setting dress, which is being featured since her debut of the look in online boutiques (, however in the form of lingerie.

I think I saw her first on Jonah Hill’s Instagram, not knowing who she was, low and behold she’s had quite an amazing past year, and I’m sure there is more positive attention to come. Hopefully, since her performance is being credited among movie novelists as bringing to life a character we have not seen actively being promoted in mainstream media, the relationship between women, in a borderline flirtatious line she spoke perfectly, though some critics have questioned whether there is any bisexual referencing that can be interpreted from her role as Catwoman, and she would agree that she had interpreted it in that way. Actually, one of the most memorable scenes between Catwoman and Batman was written by Zoë! It does for sure shed some light on a growing acceptance for us all to have a thought or two curious to comprehend what tone and commentary are being directed to one or the other among women in a flirtatious way, and she strongly supports that notion that it can be interpreted in that way, [20] and we applaud her for that. Her keen awareness for bringing to life a character we are all now curious about, starts with her work ethic, studying cats different felines and then incorporating that movement through training in “floor work that incorporated different kinds of martial arts and capoeira” to create a “feline, dance-like movement.” Humanizing those catlike aspects into her own character. Not to mention making the wardrobe a style of her own that she felt comfortable with and wearing it well, edgy just as we have come to know her. Nice touch! In her own words, “I wanted to allow her to be soft and also powerful, to be vulnerable, but also strong at the same time. I think it’s really important for women to have the flexibility to be seen for all of the different things that we are … feminine power and what that looks like.”

Her dedication to the creation of a Catwoman we can all admire which none have stated reminds us of Halle Berry, she must be nervous and honored to follow in her path, and she’s done exactly that, establishing a character in her own right, without the necessity for comparing her to another, and shining just the same. In fact, it’s mentioned she carries on more dialogue throughout the film than Batman and serves as the perfect complement to the comic superheroes withheld stature as the superhero, “a man of few words, tormented by the past and fearful of the future,” how true to the times describing most of us maintaining posture under the pressure to succeed and in light of the trauma and losses suffered by some of our very own popular figures, during COVID, this characterization really hits close to home for some, who have heroically dodged the plight of mental health issues ever-present in society among all age groups, we are proud of them just the same. Who are our heroes? It’s refreshing to see acceptance for darkness and inner turmoil, without glorifying the process of becoming who we are, the humble requirements of a superhero, teaching us to play our cards right in life, and also to appreciate where we are and work well among who we are situated with to get things going in the right direction again, as much as this was a team effort among cast members, it teaches us all to be a little more playful and daring when it comes to responding to what can be done to help better the safety for us all, how befitting of right now, to celebrate heroism on the big screen. Starring two characters who in an amicable way, add wit and fascination to the balance of power between crime-fighting and relationship building, and how that plays out, it’s true the most beautiful and attractive women tend to be the most trusted with a man’s heart, however, this Catwoman supports both in a loving way, a new twist to the role of women, to be more accepting of one another, no matter who the winners are, strength can always be achieved in friendliness to one another, even if it termed a “bisexual” interaction, perhaps true to reality, those with the most in life, have the best of both worlds, a positive take on reality.

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