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Barbie Girls in the Real World


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The new Barbie movie starring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie has been trending on various social media platforms. The iconic doll being made into a film with two actors that seem perfect for the role is nostalgia central, but that is not what has captured the attention of the internet. Love for the bright pink and 90s-inspired outfits has rippled through the internet, with people curating Barbie-inspired outfits on Tik Tok, to influencers trying to do Barbie makeup on Youtube. Director Greta Gerwig has teamed up with oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Duran to capture the essence of the flawless and perfectly pink Barbie. Duran also worked with Duran on the set of Little Women, another film with a very distinct fashion checklist that needed to be achieved. Although she did win an Oscar for her Little Women outfits, what she has won with her barbie costume designs might be far more critical; the attention of the public. While Barbie becomes a fashion icon let’s take a look at the importance of Duran’s unique vision.

Margot Robbie as Barbie

The first peak into Gerwig Barbie world sees Margot Robbie wearing a blue and white halter top with a matching polka dot headband in her iconic convertible. Everything about this shot screams Y2K fashion, from the Blair Waldorf style headband to the monochrome details that Paris Hilton owned in the 2000s. This classic summer look has Robbie resembling most of the young people in the world right now, as Y2K fashion has made a serious comeback in recent months. Throw Barbie in some low-waisted jeans she would look like any 19-year-old in the country, and that might not be an accident. While Barbie is almost exclusively associated with young girls, the use of on-trend fashion within this movie has caused a lot of internet attention and hence led to a more mature audience. Making Barbie look more like the targeted audience may just lead to the film’s success.

Margot Robbie and America Ferrera on set of the new Barbie Movie

Additionally, everyone knows the secret formula to major success in any form of industry is creating a viral phenomenon, which is exactly what has happened with the upcoming Barbie film. The ‘Barbiecore’ trend has been adopted by not only teens and young adults but also celebrities. Everyone from Meghan Fox to Lizzo has been sporting head-to-toe pink since the photo of Margot Robbie in her full pink Barbie outfit came out. Robbie’s pink cowgirl outfit she wore as Barbie is truly a monochromatic masterpiece. The silver detailing at the bottom of her pants and on her matching pink bandana bring the outfit from basic to beautiful. However, the amazing thing about this outfit is its simplicity, it looks like an outfit that could easily be bought off some website or in a store. It’s this simplicity that has made ‘Barbiecore’ a trend, people can actually afford to dress like barbie. While we all love the fashion of movies like Moulin Rouge! no one can really just go out and buy a beautiful silk dress, much less wear it while walking around town. But with Durans innovative design choices she has made it possible for everyone to feel and look like the iconic Barbie, and who doesn’t want to look like Barbie.

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