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Watch powerful interview with Wallo Hosted by Yamaris Polanco.

The encouraging and powerful Wallo served a lengthy 20 year jail sentence after being convicted for multiple counts of armed robbery. Following his release in 2017, the then 37-year-old turned his life around and became a motivational speaker starting out on Instagram and eventually doing public events and panels. We caught up with Wallo at the Beauty with Brains event in Raleigh NC earlier this year to learn more about his life and motivation.

The Philadelphia native regularly encourages his followers  on Instagram to command more from life and avoid the mistakes he made in his youth.Before rapper Young Thugs recent arrest on rico charges; he and partner King Gillid explained that the street life would not be worth their career. 

The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast Co-host has a segment called “stories from the cell” where he shares funny or serious memories from his extensive 20-year sentence.

Wallo regularly fights for Black leadership in business, wealth and activism. He has taken part in a panel discussion for The Source on the black community’s next move in light of George Floyd’s death. 

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