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21 EXCLUSIVE: “BE NOT DISCOURAGED” Cover ft. Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily


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Claire Siobhan Sulmers graduated magna cum laude from Harvard after her “extra credit essay” contributed an acceptance into the prestigious college. She later cited that success can come from simply going above and beyond what you’re expected to do.

 In August 2006, Claire founded the blog Fashion Bomb Daily, which  garners 1.6 million monthly visitors. Sulmers is a writer and editor whose work can be found in Essence and Fashion Bomb Daily started while working in the editorial department of Real Simple in 2006 while balancing a full-time job, which grew her interest in fashion blogging. 

Sulmers shared with

“Don’t get discouraged, and if you really love it, then do the work and be consistent and persistent,” says Sulmers. “You will break through.”

A few of her favorite designers mentioned over the years look to be Alexander Wang, Carol Lim for Kenzo, and Olivier Rousteing of Balmain. She also voiced her love for British designers Peter Pilotto and  Mary Katrantzou.

“Fashion is indicative of our culture, our mood, our personality; it’s a reflection of societal mores and predilections. Fashion is utilitarian in that we all need threads to cover our bodies; but to creatively attack the routine of getting dressed everyday, take risks, and think outside of the box is what fashion means to me.”  -Claire Sulmers 

Claire continues to be a light in the fashion industry through her intelligence, grace and business savvy. To learn more about Claire make sure to  follow her on social media @clairesulmers and visit Fashion Bomb Daily for latest in fashion trends and news. 

Photography By Michael Lopez

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