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The Barbie Beauty Moments We Are Missing Out On!


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The Barbie Beauty Moments We Are Missing Out On!

The days are dwindling down for the release of the long awaited, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie. The cast is going full force on their press run amping up the anticipation for the long, awaited film. But not just your typical press run. The Barbie conglomerate are sending their stars across the corners of the globe to promote. As a matter of fact, social media onlookers are starting to wonder about the budget for the marketing as it seems they can’t escape another tempting brand deal collaboration. From shoes, toothbrushes to speed boats and skincare, we are fully equipped to embrace our Barbie girl era.

However nothing tops the biggest promo tool being that of the Margot Robbie. The fresh and new reincarnation of Barbie has done something inexplainable for the brand. She has shut down every red carpet she has walked on. As expected, she is serving designer looks either new or pulled straight from the archive. Her press run outfits have the traditional Barbie pink aesthetic but was also approved for prints, black and whites and a splash of yellow hues. However, even with Margot Robbie excelling at her newfound role, something seems to be missing. Is there opportunity to fully step into her glam role as Barbie?

Memorable Hair Moments!

My answer is yes. It is without a doubt that Margot is the perfect actress to execute this role. However, it feels like she is replicating Barbie as opposed to modernizing the classic icon. When you think of Barbie, you think of her beauty and the ability to customize her beauty based on preference. All in all, the core of Barbie lies within her glam aesthetics besides the fashions. That means exaggerated hair styles and creative makeup looks are a must. Margot Robbie approved press run looks checks off on almost all the criteria but leaves room for the viewer to want more.

Exaggerated ponytails, big fluffy bangs and eye-catching headbands are a few routes to take to step into her role. Hair extensions for volume would add to her method acting aesthetic. Yes, Barbie worked many jobs and still had time for extracurricular activities. However, the allure lies in her glam. This is the chance to really play with hair accessories as we all did as kids growing up. Fun and creative hair moments are what we are yearning for. We are heeding for more inspiration on what we should do for costume parties in a couple of months. That one signature look that will be synonymous to Robbie and this role. But, I wouldn’t fret yet as the film may just fulfill our desires. Regardless if her glam team decides to explore more with hair scrunchies or not, we all will still be in line waiting for our turn to enter into Barbie World on July 21st.

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