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Popular beauty Youtuber, Jaclyn Hill officially launched her first collection of lipsticks from her highly anticipated cosmetics brand.

Popular beauty Youtuber, Jaclyn Hill officially launched her first collection of lipsticks from her highly anticipated cosmetics brand. However, when fans received their products, they quickly noticed major flaws. After two days of speculation regarding the formulation issues, Jaclyn Hill posted a Youtube video taking ownership of her brand’s poor quality control and offered refunds, as well as free replacements, to all unsatisfied customers.

Customers reported quality issues, such as tiny patterns of holes appearing at the tip of the lipsticks, rough, textured applications of the product, tiny visible granules within the lipstick, melted or broken product and tiny white hairs embedded into the lipsticks. Many were hesitant to apply the lipsticks after heavy speculation online that the products had molded.

A popular theory surrounding the quality issues of the Jaclyn lipsticks was that the products were expired. This rumor developed due to the four year gap between the announcement of the brand and the official launch of products. Many believed that the lipsticks had already been produced, but Hill’s personal life, specifically the divorce from her husband, caused the launch to be pushed back, leaving products to sit on shelves.

In her response video to the rocky launch, Hill said, “my lipsticks are not moldy. They are not hazardous. They are not contaminated. They are not unsafe for you in any way shape or form. Every single ingredient in my lipsticks is new and FDA approved.”

She went on to state that her lipsticks did not actually go into production until one month before they launched, attributing the formulation issues to the rushed production timeline.

Hill identified the appearance of tiny holes at the tip of her lipsticks to be oxygen bubbles caused by the warm product being transferred from the vats they were mixed in to the much cooler lipstick components.

Hill explained that the ingredients had not been properly mixed together when they were created at her cosmetics lab, causing the gritty texture within the product. Specifically, the granules within the products were explained to be mango butter that had not been properly blended.

Regarding the melted and damaged products customers received, Hill stated that the high heat on many shipment trucks likely caused the products to become damaged upon arrival.

Hill emphasized that the tiny white hairs customers found embedded into their lipsticks was not what many speculated to be mold, but was actually cotton fibers from the gloves her lab employees were wearing. Due to the shiny metallic packaging of the Jaclyn lipsticks, standard plastic gloves were replaced with white cotton gloves so there would be no risk of smudging the packaging. Fibers then shed from these cotton gloves onto many of the lipsticks as well as into the vats the products were mixed in, causing the hairs to be embedded into the product.

Hill said in her video that her brand will no longer be working with the same lab, explaining that the troubled launch of her brand has been extremely disappointing.

“I want to make this right for my customers,” Hill said. “This is my first lunch, and it’s very embarrassing.”

Photo Source: Buzzfeed

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