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Wigs are a great protective style, but the question still remains, will wearing a lace front damage my edges? The answer is NO! But in order for that to be a true statement, the proper steps need to be taken by you!

Do you want your edges??

Wigs are a great protective style, but the question still remains, will wearing a lace front damage my edges? The answer is NO! But in order for that to be a true statement, the proper steps need to be taken by you! If the lace is applied and removed properly, your edges will come out unscathed. However, if done improperly you will run the risk of not only damaging your edges but you could develop hair loss due to tension or even traction alopecia.

What is considered improper? Some examples are: Placing the adhesive on the hairline instead of in front of the hairline; and rushing to take off the lace front without being delicate and using patience.
Proper application and removal

1. Proper application may take some time at first. In the beginning, have a hair professional install and remove your unit and walk you through how to do it on your own.

2. If you’re using an adhesive with a long lasting hold, don’t remove the unit daily. The constant application and removal of long lasting adhesive, especially if not removed properly, can lead to significant hairline damage.

3. Use an adhesive remover with the same degree of strength as your adhesive. 99% Alcohol soaked cotton balls are also great for removing adhesive. It will break down the tape residue or glue into balls you can gently wipe from your hairline and face. Apply the remover to the hairline of your unit before removing it to ensure that it lifts up gently and doesn’t take any of your hair out.

4. DO NOT wet or shampoo your hair until after ALL of the adhesive has been removed. Using water will cause whichever adhesive you’ve used to harden or get stickier.

Be sure to give your hair a break between lace front uses, braiding and/or hair extension installation. It allows your hairline to breathe.

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Frontal Myths


Here are the common misconceptions made about frontals: Frontals last long; Frontals are easy maintenance; Frontals will save me money…NOPE!

People fail to realize that LACE IS VERY TEMPORARY and EXPENSIVE! It is a give and take process.

  • If you want a lace closure (size 5×5, 4×4, 3×4, etc.), well you’re going to have to accept that a closure is the price of a bundle of hair, and it will NOT stay in place for the entire duration of your install (your hair GROWS and the closure grows with it; you will need retouches every 2-4 weeks).
  • If you want a lace frontal (size 13×4-13×8), you’re going to have to accept that it will usually cost you much MORE than bundle of hair, it will require LOTS of tweaking to look the slightest bit natural (bleaching, tweezing, tinting, trimming, etc.), and it will require WEEKLY maintenance/upkeep.

A closure will lay down without some sort of adhesive only from around the end of your eyebrow to the other end of your eyebrow, depending on your head shape. To get those side burns and have that lace frontal mesh to your scalp like that you’re 99.9% going to have to use an adhesive (which does not have to be lace glue).

There are many ways to install a frontal (sewin and wig). Here are the methods and the pros and cons of each:

  • “Glueless” but with special product;
    • Pros: Easy at home fix, rinses off with water, does not irritate skin or break the hair, Lace lays mesh with the skin; product is used sparingly;
      • Most natural looking, give illusion that hair is coming from scalp
    • Cons: Lasts about 4-5 days at a time;  May break edges if your forehead isn’t big enough to place properly and if not removed properly.
  • Glued
    • Pros: Lasts the longest (tops 2 weeks), Lace lays mesh with the skin
    • Cons: Glue is messy, must come back for a retouch unless you can do it at home; Glue is known for irritating the skin and severely breaking off the edges.
  • Tape
    • Pros: Easy to redo at home, strong hold
    • Cons: Tape may irritate the skin; does not lay as flat as the others, may shine through the lace
  • NO Products
    • Pros: Does not use any product at all or elastic band, no breakage or irritation;
    • Cons: MUST come back for a retouch every 4-5 days; Entire frontal must be removed and reinstalled; WILL cause thinning of hair by the ear (the anchor braids) because of how much tension used to pull it flat; Will not get the full versatility of the frontal because the lace near the ear won’t lay as flat
  • Elastic Band
    • Pros: Does not use any product, lasts a little longer than the no product
    • Cons: Band can be uncomfortable (but can be adjusted), Client will not be able to achieve the side burns look (it will look unnatural around the ear area unless the client can maintain the baby hairs that are there to cover it.

Sooner than later, some great stylists will come up with better, longer lasting ways to install these. 

How to do a Lace frontal. No Glue, sewing, or tape involved….


FRONTALS ARE NOT FOR EVERYBODY!!! It is OKAY to settle for a closure.

Do NOT get a frontal if:

  • You don’t want to pay for maintenance or upkeep. You’re gonna be hurt when you have to keep returning to your stylist. IT IS NOT YOUR STYLIST’s FAULT! Again, lace is very TEMPORARY!
  • You don’t want to spend money on the hair, the frontal, the customization of the frontal, and the install.
  • You have a small forehead. If your hairline sits closer to your eyebrows then it will either look like a wig or you will have to sit the frontal on your hairline which isn’t too pretty either.
  • You don’t want your stylist to use products or adhesive and you think you’ll get 100% versatility, completely protected hair, and a flawless lace install that looks like your real hair for longer than a few days.
  • Most darker skinned women can’t seem to get lace to match our skin tone well enough to make it look as flawless as lighter skinned females. (@allureandmore sells pre-tinted lace so it will be closer to your skin tone.)

Below Frontal wig (no leave out)  made in Tokyo’s class:

FullSizeRender 2

Perfect lighting. But in the wrong lighting, it could look something like this:


NOT CUTE! Please be careful with your edges when involving yourself with this trend!

Good places to get lace frontals and wigs:

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