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6 Black-Owned Beauty/Accessory Brands to Watch


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Written by Chelley Denae’

Pivot Cosmetics

Pivot Cosmetics is a CBD cosmetics line developed for women of color birthed by founder Founder Doni Brown. Doni is also the former founder of So Luxe Cosmetics. I love her products because I am all about the glow. Doni also has a 5-week course called Boss Up Your Brand dedicated to helping product business entrepreneurs make a sales funnel to take their biz to the next level.

Nailed by Asia

I remember growing up wearing press-on nails trying to be grown. Back then there were limited designs and you could obviously tell they were fake. Not the move sis lol Now press-on nails are all glammed up and are a luxury beauty essential. Having an instant manicure at home is now becoming a more popular alternative as nail salons have been closed during the quarantine. Nailed by Asia is one of my favorite Luxury Press-on nails. Asia Jane is a self-taught nail artist/makeup artist in Las Vegas who recently went viral and sold out after Teyana Taylor purchased a pair.

My custom nails with Iridescent Nailz Luxe Nail Charms

The Bold Collection

I love minimalist jewelry design with a message. The Bold Collection is Bold & Chic jewelry created to uplift, inspire, and motivate created by jewelry designer Monique Rochelle. Monique also provides resources such as a jewelry business guide for inspiring jewelry designers.

I recently purchased a few gifts and got a little something for myself. I absolutely love the jewelry and the packaging.


Luxury hair protection to elevate your self-care routine with silk products that align function and style. Soie Silk uses 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, a high-quality natural fiber that provides the highest form of protection for the hair and skin. It locks in moisture and reduces hair breakage, split ends, acne, bed head, and maintains your hairstyle overnight, unlike cotton and polyester fabrics.

Deluxe Silk Night Cap

Mocha Mane

Mocha Mane creates hair accessories that represent us and are created by us. This was birthed after creator Helecia Williams was seeing a lack of representation throughout the beauty and commercial community for kinkier textured hair. These accessories are a way of celebrating who we are as women of color.

Elle Johnson Co.

Elle Johnson Co is a luxury botanical-based skincare line founded by North Carolina native and brand strategist LaVonndra “Elle” Johnson. Elle created this skincare line after seeking out natural remedies to calm her skin and skin tone and now is featured on platforms such as Elle, BET & ESSENCE. We are proud of this Charlotte boss babe.

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