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Launch into Space aboard SpaceX Resilience!


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History In The Making

What? Is this for real? Four somewhat regular people boarded a SpaceX rocket ship and launched into orbit. This is science fiction come true. Even the ship itself looked like something straight out of the movies. The capsule is sleek and modern with comfortable racing seats and a star trek like interface. The modern look is a huge upgrade from the 60’s tech astronauts have been using for decades. Resilience, a luxury space cruise liner, took off Wednesday, September 15th at 8:02 PM EDT. Kennedy Space Center brought history, fiction, and the testimony to what power of imagination coupled with education can do.

Gilligan’s Space Crew

Although this motley crew sounds a lot like Gilligan’s ship mates, they are not doomed to be a fateful tale. They have a billionaire, a professor, their own “Mary Ann”, and one odd man out of the cast, retired U.S. Air Force engineer, but their “three” day tour is destined for greatness. Undoubtedly with their collective expertise, they will return with success. Hands down, the Resilience is in no way shape or form the U.S.S. Minnow. Perhaps if the U.S.S. Minnow had more passengers like Resilience, it wouldn’t have been a fateful tale.

Thom Baur/ Reuters

“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

Paul Brandt

The Resilience Four Pillars

Indeed, these four pillars sum up these extraordinary individuals who are about to make history. Jare Isaacman, is not only a pilot but a billionaire with several military and commercial aircraft word records. Dr. Sian Proctor, a professor of geoscience is also a veteran of NASA with the most space-like experience. Hayley Arceneaux is a childhood cancer survivor, a physician’s assistant, and ambassador of hope. Chris Sembroski, an aerospace professional, US Air force engineer, and lover of space helped pave the political path for this voyage as a repeat lobbyist. Combined they are Inspiration4,

The SpaceX Resilience Mission

Resilience will travel around the earth in a low orbit for approximately three days. That’s roughly an altitude of 357 miles or 575 km above Earth. If that doesn’t sound impressive, remember our commercial flights only go 42,000 feet up—8 miles. Resilience is dwarfing that altitude by hundreds of miles. “The all-civilian inspiration4 astronauts are paving the way for a future where space is more accessible to all who wish to go,” SpaceX President and COF Gwynne Shotwell. Not only are they opening a door thought only for the elite pilots, this momentous event and the publicity leading up to it has raised over $200 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in hopes they can end childhood cancer. 

Want to Go?

Imagine seeing Earth from an outsider’s perspective. Gravity would tug and pull to keep you here, but would eventually lose. Feel the weightlessness as you touch the borders of limitless space. It does sound tempting to the dreamer within. However, the crew “spent the past six months…[preparing] including training for centrifuge, Zero-G, and altitude, Dragon simulations (being engulfed with fire upon reentry), observations of other launch operations, simulations, and medical testing.”


The “dragon simulation” alone is enough to deter my dreams. Who wants to be engulfed in flames? On the other hand, the cynic and parent in me wonders if after three days in a small vehicle with three other people, aka a road trip from hell, maybe being engulfed in flames would be a welcomed change? Either way, I am here, and they are there, and while they are making history with civilian space travel, I wish them the best and a safe return—none of this “three-hour tour” garbage or in their case three-day trip nonsense. Just come home safe!

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