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The Men of Cannes


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With the occurrence of each Cannes film festival, we are given an array of artistic styles and creativity from all over the world. Not only is the art found on the screen but also on the red carpet, which in recent years has arguably become one of the most prominent factors of the festival. Because the general public can view the screenings of the movies at Cannes, they have become obsessed with the one part of the exclusive festival they can observe, the fashion. While this awards season comes to a close it seems justified to finally give those who have been overshadowed by the Bella Hadid’s, Blake Lively’s, and Hoyeon Jung’s of the fashion world: the men of Hollywood. Despite often opting for a simple tuxedo or plain suit, the 2022 Cannes has seen some great variations in the men’s style category. 

Cannes Film Festival

Niels Schneider

Niels Schneider stepped out to the Cannes festival wearing a Yves Saint Laurent suit. Although this suit doesn’t capture the creativity reflected in Schniders acting in his most recent film South Sentinel, it does stray from the basic dress code typically seen at these events. Wearing a bolo tie and a black velvet blazer Schnider truly represents the effortlessly chic look that is so embedded in their branding. The delicacy of the bowtie contrasted with the darkness of the suit forces the eye to recognize the subtle delicacy of the outfit. 

Niels Schneider 2022 Cannes Film Festival

Alton Mason

The Cannes Festival famously gives opportunities to young filmmakers and actors, but it also allows new designers and brands to show off what they can do. Alton Mason, who plays Little Richard in the new Elvis film, not only used Cannes to publicize his own entrance into Hollywood but also the little-known brand PRESSIAT. Dressed in an oversized yet perfectly fitting channeled the iconic over-the-top suits from the 1950s. Likely inspired by the iconic Little Richard that he plays in Elvis, Mason and PRESSIAT bring old and new together for this outfit. The classic suit look is somewhat obscured by the snake print boots and tinted sunglasses, yet is balanced out by the prominent collar seen so often in the 1950s. The relatively new brand PRESSIAT aims to create a more gender-fluid approach to clothing, while this objective isn’t necessarily obvious in Mason’s outfit, the sentiment is still conveyed through the deliberate use of feminine accessories such as diamond earrings and rings. 

Alton Mason 2022 Cannes Film Festival

Tahir Rahim

French actor Tahir Rahim walked the red carpet in what looked like a suit he stole from an Italian mob movie. The Louis Vuitton striped two-piece suit distorts the typically by opting for an oversized look that hides Rahim’s figure, while also teasing the public with the lack of a shirt. The duality of this outfit is interesting, while it successfully keeps Rahim’s body a secret it also conveys a half-dressed feeling. Allowing the outfit to be traditional yet unconventional, perhaps reflecting the festival itself, a French tradition that celebrates the most unconventional people. 

Tahir Rahim 2022 Cannes Film Fesitval

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