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Short End Of The Stick: Universal Music Group Agreement with TikTok Expired on January 31, 2024


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In a recent announcement, Universal Music Group N.V. (EURONEXT: UMG) revealed that its longstanding agreement with TikTok officially expired on January 31, 2024. Despite negotiations, the two companies failed to reach terms for a new agreement. Consequently, as of the expiration date, Universal Music Group, encompassing Universal Music Publishing Group, ceased licensing content to both TikTok and TikTok Music services.

The termination of this partnership marks a significant development in the music industry landscape. Universal Music Group, recognized as a global leader in music-based entertainment, has played a pivotal role in shaping culture through its diverse array of businesses, including recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content.

The conclusion of the agreement raises questions about the future availability of Universal Music Group’s extensive catalogue on the popular social media platform. With the cessation of content licensing, users on TikTok may experience a noticeable shift in the availability of music from Universal Music Group artists.

In response to these developments, Universal Music Group issued an “Open Letter to the Artist and Songwriter Community,” urging a collective reflection on the challenges posed by TikTok’s model. The letter underscores the importance of recognizing the value of artistic content and emphasizes the need for fair compensation for creators in the digital landscape.

The decision to conclude the partnership reflects Universal Music Group’s commitment to advocating for the rights and fair treatment of artists and songwriters. The company has consistently championed innovation, artistry, and entrepreneurship within the music industry. As a result, Universal Music Group actively fosters the development of services, platforms, and business models to broaden artistic and commercial opportunities for its artists, as well as to create new and engaging experiences for fans.

While the termination of the TikTok partnership signifies a shift in the music industry dynamics, Universal Music Group remains at the forefront of shaping the future of music-based entertainment. The company’s dedication to artistry, innovation, and providing equitable compensation for creators positions it as a leading force in navigating the evolving landscape of the digital music industry.

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