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Blackstreet Member J-Stylz Opens 3rd Studio In The Queen City


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Sherman Tisdale known to the world as J-Stylz from the Grammy winning group Blackstreet along with Kyrk Sayso of musical duo Rawallty open EQ Studios. This 3rd Studio opening happened June 8th 2021.Jerry Thompson of Level21 TV gave the exclusive.

According to J-Stylz , his musical talent and longevity led to an audition where he met the legendary producer, Teddy Riley. Teddy invited Stylz to become the youngest member the grammy award winning group, BlackStreet. J-Stylz now tours alongside fellow group members, Eric Williams, Mark Middleton, and Teddy Riley.

Photo By Jerry Thompson

J-Stylz wrote for the Japanese super group– Full of Harmony, who debuted in the pop chart’s top 20 in their native home of Japan. Stylz worked alongside Teddy Riley to write, produce, and record the latest Blackstreet/BS2 album. BS2 became a reprise of BlackStreet.

Watch Joy by BlackStreet

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