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Elijah Stone: On His New Song ‘WASTED!’, and Its Infulence


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From indie folk to alt-pop music, singer-songwriter Elijah Stone has strayed from his indie roots in his newest song ‘WASTED!’. This new direction for Stone has come seemingly out of nowhere and truly demonstrates his fluidity within his musical styles. While some may miss crying into their pillows to Stone’s many slower sad songs, ‘WASTED!’ ‘will appeal to a whole different genre of sad people. That genre is people who are still sad but want to dance.

WASTED! Cover Photo

‘ I mean it’s the same type of stuff. If you really listen the lyrics are still about my struggles and my problems it’s just more experimental and upbeat.’

This new experimental sound showcases Stone’s ability to manipulate his typical sound and his lyrics. While the instrumentals behind this song are certainly impressive, it’s the lyrics that are truly worth admiration. Filled with dual meanings and metaphors ‘WASTED!’ has left many questioning the true meaning behind the song. However, the many interpretations of Stone’s newest song may be the reason behind its success. The ambiguity allows listeners to relate the lyrics to their own experiences thus forming different meanings depending on who is listening. Perhaps that is the most impressive and beautiful thing about WASTED! , how it speaks to the people it was created for and has morphed into something unique to each person.

‘It’s cool seeing how many people interpret the sound differently, so I think it’s gonna be one of those things that put my foot in the game in terms of all other music.’

While the original meaning of the song lies close to Stone’s heart he has certainly appreciated the array of attachments people have made with this creation. ‘WASTED!’ began as a song about struggles with mental health and Stone’s own feelings of failure towards his progress in life, but it has now turned into something completely unique and perhaps Stone’s door to stardom. Since the release of ‘WASTED!’ the young musician has seen an influx of followers on various social media platforms including Tik Tok and Instagram. Gaining over 4000 followers in the space of a week after his song release, Stone has begun to adapt to the influencer musician lifestyle. Whether it is simply a good PR manager or Stone’s passion for this song that has pushed his recent use of social media as a marketing tool we may never know. However, we do know it is working. Simoultansly trying to promote and create new music Stone has reaped the rewards as ‘WASTED!’ has quickly become one of his most popular songs on Spotify.

‘I’ve always loved making content and it just feels like being me and I love finding the audience that resonates with that as well. I feel like content allows me to bring them into the journey and into the community I’m building.’

Stone’s motives are clear, he loves music and the people he makes it for. Listen to ‘WASTED!’ out now on Spotify, and if you need any further convincing here is Stone’s unique and bizarre description of the song.

‘I would describe it as I’m still afraid I’m gonna be alone and die alone but hey I’m having fun while doing it

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