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What You Need To Know Before Buying The Perfect Handbag


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Finding Your Aha Moment When Buying Your Perfect Handbag

Many say that man’s best friend is a dog. Well, one could argue that a women’s best friend is her purse. It is like having a life saver on wheels. Therefore, one has to choose her best friend wisely. Gone are the days where shoppings aimlessly is a wise activity. Setting intentions is the name of the game especially when maximizing the chances of finding your Aha! moment. When searching for your dream bag, there are a few things one should keep in mind. Check out the following for what you need to know before buying your perfect handbag.

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Finding the perfect handbag starts with understanding what the expectations are for the assignment. The beauty of fashion is the idea that each accessory can serve a different purpose. The possibilities are endless when it comes to why an individual is in search for their perfect handbag. However, each possibility severely impacts which route one should take. An evening bag versus a shopping bag versus an everyday bag have their unique advantages and challenges depending on the setting. For the sake of style, right bag but wrong setting skews the cohesion. Therefore, one should initially consider what they want to use the bag for.

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Next, space plays an important role in the decision-making process. Some people can handle the Kurt Gieger XXL Kensington bag while some may prefer the Medium Kensington bag. It could even be for the same purpose however personal preference overrules all. In a lot of cases, many may not know what size they will consider until faced with the item in person. This leads to deep pondering on whether it is worth your hard-earned dime. But to achieve the perfect aha moment, think about how big or small you want your next dream purchase.


The material directly correlates with what the individual wants to use the pocketbook for. For instance, sturdier materials like leather or suede makes more sense for everyday uses. While metallics, sequins and studs would correlate more with statement pieces like nighttime clutches. Start pinning styles and materials that resonate the most as inspiration for once you are out on the hunt. This will help guide the shopper in the right direction to stay on track. Check out this for help on discovering more materials to consider

In conclusion, the handbag is many fashionistas’ favorite accessory. It takes a short time and some thought to lock in on your aha moment. Just keep in mind that the use, space and material are important sliders when considering the perfect handbag purchase.

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