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Fashion Launches 2023


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Elle gives us the 2023 Fashion Looks

Welcome to 2023. It goes without saying that every new year promises to deliver on megawatt fashions that are sure to capture your attention (and find their way into your shopping carts). But if you need further proof, we’re kicking things off on a technicolor note with a bevy of bold and bright offerings from the highly anticipated collaboration between Louis Vuitton and legendary multi-hyphenate artist Yayoi Kusama, Fendi’s bag made in partnership with Tiffany & Co., and Christopher John Rogers’ latest collection. Keep checking this space for more of the best in fashion.

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

Louis Vuitton Unveils Collaboration With Yayoi Kusama



Who: Louis Vuitton

What: Collaboration with Yayoi Kusama

Where: Online at and in select pop-ups worldwide

Why: Yayoi Kusama remains one of the world’s most successful—and inescapable—artists. Her knack for creating accessible yet awe-inspiring works of art make her one of the world’s best living artists. For the second time, Kusama was enlisted by Louis Vuitton to create a collection of ready-to-wear and accessories that delight, surprise, and reinvent themselves with each new wear. Her signature dots come in multicolor, black and red, and metal offerings; her psychedelic flowers take shoppers on a (literal) trip with groovy handbags and backpacks. There are endless ways to enjoy the otherworldly effects of Kusama’s relentless creativity, wrought large with one of the world’s premier fashion brands.


Fendi x Tiffany

Fendi and Tiffany and Co. Release Bags


$5,500 AT FENDI

Who: Fendi and Tiffany & Co.

What: Bag collaboration

Where: Online at and

Why: The fashion collaboration space reached a fever pitch last September when Fendi’s star-studded New York Fashion Week show celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Baguette bag unveiled not one, not two, but three different collaborations honoring the legendary silhouette. Marc Jacobs, Sarah Jessica Parker, and, yes, Tiffany & Co., were all asked to reimagine the beloved accessory. Tiffany’s transmogrified its signature blue box into a piece of art, complete with leather, silk, and even crocodile options to ensure every type of jewelry lover gets in on the fun.

Christopher John Rogers

Christopher John Rogers Introduces Collection 011



Who: Christopher John Rogers

What: Collection 011 debut and pre-order

Where: Exclusive online at

Why: Nobody in American fashion is having more fun than Christopher John Rogers, plain and simple. Most designers, after experiencing a sliver of the success Rogers has over the course of the last five years, would stick to a winning formula of staples that are sure to please (and sure to sell, too). But Rogers isn’t satisfied with just pleasing, or selling—he wants to challenge his customer. And boy, are we down to clown! The first several looks are a carte blanche, shown in all “Tortilla” (Rogers’ white), demonstrating the designer’s ingenuity for both draping and humor. It’s not just tongue-in-cheek—it’s full out comedy, drama, and, above all, it’s thoroughly exciting. The collection parses and expands on what many of us aspire to wear: luscious technicolor knits and colorblock cardigans (his best offering to date), cut-out cotton and nylon tops and dresses (pictured here), starburst patterns on luxe coats and silk faille dresses, and the perfect sprinkling of Pierrot clown suits. CJR staples abound, done in ways that defy past seasons while still speaking smartly to them: oversized pants expertly cut with ruffle tops, tulip skirts, corsets boned within an inch of their life, and so much more. Because why limit yourself to one thing, when you could be all the things?

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