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Every Look From The Yeezy 2020 Collection


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Kanye West returned to Paris Fashion Week with the release of his newest collection from Yeezy. While the looks sent down the runway were polarizing as usual, the entertainment pleased attendees across the board.

West’s daughter, North took to the stage, alongside her dad, for an impromptu performance, rapping along to the music.

As far as the looks that were shown, West kept to his neutral color palette and innovative streetwear designs. He diverged from previous seasons by incorporating less finished pieces with more textured fabric choices.

While West has always had a unique fashion perspective, he explained his eccentric references this time around.

“I’ve always been obsessed with hazmat and that whole kind of vibe. So with this I see a couple of things where this is just the beginning of the language now,” he said.

He also explained that he is heavily inspired by textures as well.

“A lot of times when my washes feel very rough and it feels very unfinished, I just think about [renowned art dealer] Axel [Vervoordt]. He doesn’t use a bunch of leather and shiny marble. We’re both very wabi-sabi and zen.”

West explained to a reporter that his influence on the design world ultimately inspired him to leave the world of merch to focus on more innovative styles. “So we stopped [making merch] and just started focusing on making new shapes, new adventures; the pieces here—some of them are in the infant stage. They’re all new interventions, new approaches to apparel…So each one of these things is a form of practice. And it’s just getting back on the horse, designing, presenting ideas, because we’ve presented so many things that have influenced color palettes, shapes of shoes; the shape of the 350, that’s becoming the most iconic shoe in the past 15 years, basically. And now we have these new slides that we’re doing and you’ll see these shapes start to affect other designers. So it’s just important.”

Photo Source: Hello Magazine


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