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Can Pregnancy be Stylish?


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While the world’s views on women’s rights and the presentation of women in the media are constantly changing, there is one thing that has stayed the same; the representation of pregnant women in the media. Pregnant women have always been worshiped even dating back to the Spartans who held pregnant women to the same degree as warriors. However, with the worshiping and the production of life women lose an important aspect of themselves to pregnancy. Style. Pregnant women are often described as ‘cute’ or ‘miracle workers’ but never stylish, or even sexy. Which begs the question why does our society strip a woman carrying a child of her attractiveness? Perhaps it’s scientific, maybe it’s cultural, with changing bodies and ugly maternity clothes pregnant women are forced into a corner. However, within the last two years, we have seen pregnancy turn into something stylish. Between Gigi Hadid and Rhianna, the world was shown what it can look like to create the miracle of life without sacrificing an inch of style or beauty. This year alone we have seen so many celebrities changing social media’s perception of pregnant women, making pregnancy chic again. 

Gigi Hadid Pregnancy Photos
  1. Rhianna 

When the world found out RHianan was pregnant we all collectively gasped, cried, and rejoiced. Rhianna is the queen of fashion, and she didn’t let this title slip at all during her pregnancy. Flaunting her baby bump at every chance, she showed us that whether you hide it or show it off your baby bump is empowering. One of her most controversial pregnancy moments was when she arrived at the 2022 Dior fashion show in a see-through lace slip. This look was one we would have seen Rihanna rocking long before, and probably will see long after her pregnancy. Rihanna’s unwavering sense of style even in the face of pregnancy and a million judgemental viewers proves that there is a very real intersection between style and pregnancy that can be easily discovered. 

Rihanna outside the Dior show during Paris Fashion Week on March 1, 2022 in Paris, France.
  1. Adrianna Lima 

Throughout her pregnancy the supermodel Adrianna Lima has taken her bump with her to every high fashion event the industry has to offer. Lima’s bump debut was at the Balmain fashion show 2022. Soon after, in April, she walked the runway herself wearing a black minidress with a cut-out displaying her bump in an Alexander Wang show. Lima’s ability as a supermodel to mix high fashion and maternity wear is nothing less than revolutionary. While Rhianna has shown the world how to be casually stylish while pregnant, Lima has proved that maternity wear can be Paris fashion week-level beautiful. That is important. 

Adrianna Lima Alexander Wang Paris Fashion Week 2022

Rhianna and Adriana Lima possess a unique ability due to their social status, they can convince the rest of the world that all pregnant women can and should dress like them. Whether you want to lay on the couch all day or go to Milan fashion week pregnant women shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and style. Pregnancy is more than just ‘cute’ it’s amazing, and pregnant women should be seen as exactly that.

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