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Aging Gracefully with Vera Wang


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Everything related to the human body and how it looks and ages is determined by luck, genetics, and lifestyle choices. Aging is a beautiful thing, wrinkles tell stories, and walking canes can be very stylish, but if being young forever is more your thing then there is only one woman to talk to; Vera Wang. The 73-year-old fashion icon caught the attention of the internet during the pandemic when people began to realize the six-pack-clad 50-year-old was in fact, in her seventies. When she suddenly became a point of envy in the eyes of so many due to her youthful look, and here are some of her best-kept secrets.

 Vodka… Seriously 

When a fan asked Wang what kept her looking so good she simply replied “Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, and not much sun”. While sleep and sunscreen are the best way to keep skin looking beautiful, vodka can actually help too, despite what your mother told you in college. While I think what Wang was getting at with this statement was that a few vodka cocktails are a method of relaxation, but there is some interesting science behind the antiaging effects of vodka. Internally, the use of vodka can cause some pretty bad decisions and more than a few drunken mistakes but used externally vodka’s uses are a little more helpful. Thanks to its base of grapevines and potatoes, applying very diluted vodka to the face can actually close up pores, and due to its antiseptic nature, it can also heal acne. Making it an effective toner that you can use in more ways than one!

Vera Wang 2020

Light exercise 

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Wang discussed how she is “not very keen on going to the gym”. This coming from a woman with a defined six-pack might seem fantastical, but Wang opts for bike riding, running, and the occasional light gym session. However, something about the high-class designer the world seems to have forgotten is that she was formerly a competitor in the 1968 U.S World Figure Skating Championships. While none of us will be taking up figure skating to look like Wang, her message of staying active even as you age is a promising one. As we age our metabolisms and energy levels slowly decrease, forcing our bodies to change in ways that aren’t always bad but a change nonetheless. Maintaining an active lifestyle is imperative, even if it’s just walking every day. Walking is the easiest and best form of cardio, engine leg, abs, and arms walking is a great way to stay healthy even if you don’t crave that gym rat lifestyle. 

Vera Wang and Ariana Grande at MET Gala 2018

Love what you wear, and wear what you love

Above anything the secret to beauty comes down to one thing, wearing things that reflect you, not your age. Vera Wang said it best “ A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes”. Wang’s fashion prowess doesn’t just apply to the wedding dresses she creates but to her own closet as well. Donning a sparkly pink two-piece set for her 73rd birthday and long pink hair, Wang truly looked like an ageless superstar. Rocking a classic Paris Hilton style look she brought the 2000s into the 2020s while she welcomed her 73rd year with confidence and beauty.  This look is Vera wang. It’s glamour, it’s simplicity, and it’s timelessness all at once, it is the essence of Vera Wang.

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