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The Carolina Fashion Awards 23′ : Celebrating the Rise of a Media Maven and Paying Tribute to Andre Leon Talley’s Legacy


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Written By Staff writer: Tiffany Johnson

On May 27th, 2023 The fashion event of the year sponsored by LimeLife By Alcone in a dazzling celebration of fashion and style, the Carolina Fashion Awards honored Ohavia Phillips with the prestigious Andre’ Leon Talley Fashion Icon Award. Before his passing in 2022 Andre’ was a Durham NC native and former Vogue editor who worked closely with Anna Wintour. This coveted accolade recognizes individuals who embody creativity, influence, and innovation in the fashion industry. Phillips, a rising media maven, has not only carved her own path but also become an inspiring figure for aspiring journalists, particularly among minority communities. With her positive and uplifting talk show, “The Oh Show,” Phillips is reshaping media narratives for the next generation. Let us delve into the significance of Phillips receiving this award and the highlights from the Carolina Fashion Awards, a night of glamour and inspiration.

Event Theme: Welcome To The Jungle

Blazing Her Own Trail

From a journey that began with homelessness to becoming a prominent media personality, Ohavia Phillips has emerged as a true force in the industry. Driven by her quest to find her voice and make a positive impact, Phillips launched her talk show, “The Oh Show.” This dynamic platform serves as a beacon of positivity, featuring uplifting news stories from Charlotte and beyond. Proudly embracing her Afro-Latina heritage, Phillips is breaking barriers and promoting diversity and representation within the media landscape. Her commitment to sharing uplifting narratives resonates deeply with audiences, positioning her as a role model for aspiring journalists.

A Fashionable Collaboration

On the illustrious red carpet of the Carolina Fashion Awards, all eyes were on Ohavia Phillips as she graced the event in a breathtaking gown designed by the visionary Isiah Miller. The ethereal creation perfectly encapsulated Phillips’s unique style, adding an extra layer of allure to her presence. Renowned for his creativity and craftsmanship, Miller demonstrated his talent once again through this memorable collaboration. Phillips’s ensemble radiated elegance and individuality, making a bold fashion statement and reflecting her personal brand.

Photography By Evanna Milea

Celebrating Excellence

The Carolina Fashion Awards not only honored Ohavia Phillips but also celebrated a diverse range of individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the fashion industry. Among the esteemed honorees was Quiana Gee, recognized for her outstanding community excellence in fashion. Dr. Tehara Bryant, on the other hand, was commended for her glamorous fashion excellence in the realm of women’s fashion. Crystal Jennings received the Fashion Fighter Honoree award for her relentless commitment to advocating for change, while Tracy Gray Models & Talent was acknowledged for their exceptional talent management. Other notable honorees included Jameka Whitten for her remarkable achievements in media excellence and Prince Lopez-Bond for his representation of child models. The Charlotte Fashion Collective was also recognized with the Fashion Foundation Award, solidifying their valuable contributions to the industry.

Unveiling the Winners

The awards ceremony unveiled a lineup of exceptionally talented fashion professionals who were recognized for their outstanding contributions. Kendrick Nelson and Brooke Lehmann claimed the titles of Model of the Year, capturing the essence of style and sophistication. Alejandra Torregrosa Jimenez was bestowed with the Teen Model of the Year award, while Adam Douglas and Tatyana Braxton were celebrated as Emerging Models of the Year, representing the new wave of talent. Other winners included makeup artist of the year April Hill, Marjorie Brifil for her impeccable skills as a Wardrobe Stylist of the Year and Andrew Burgess, who was acknowledged as the Designer of the Year, amongst many other well-deserved recipients.


Ohavia Phillips – Andre’ Leon Talley Fashion Icon Award

Quiana Gee – Community Excellence In Fashion

Dr. Tehara Bryant – Fashion Excellence Glam Life For Woman

Crystal Jennings – Fashion Fighter Honoree

Gray Models & Talent – Talent Management Honoree

Jameka Whitten -Media Excellence

Prince -Lopez-Bond -Child Model ages 3-12 Honoree

Charlotte Fashion Collective – Fashion Foundation Award


Model Of The Year (Male)

Kendrick Nelson

Model Of The Year (Female)

Brooke Lehmann 

Teen Model Of The Year

Alejandra Torregrosa Jimenez  

Emerging Model Of The Year 

Adam Douglas (Male)

Tatyana Braxton ( Female)

Wardrobe Stylist Of The Year

Marjorie Brifil 

Fashion Producer Of The Year

High Point Fashion Week 

Emerging Designer Of The Year

Tevin Baskerville

Emerging Stylist Of The Year

Lakera Woodberry 

Designer Of The Year 

Andrew Burgess

UpCycle Designer Of The Year

Paige Sechrist

Hair Stylist Of The Year 

Christian Cline 

Makeup Artist Of The Year

April Hill 

Boutique Of The Year

Blue Hydrangea Boutique

Boutique Of The Year ( Male) 

Nyoni Couture 

Fashion Blog Of The Year

Regan Kenny 

Fashion Photographer Of The Year

Nikon Don 

Creative Director Of The Year

 Mr. Soc

Agency Of The Year

Mae Vee -Reggie Thomasson

Model Coach Of The Year

Rachel Lauren 


Alison Walk

Kendrick Nelson

Brooke Lehmann 

Amy Iannarella 

Alejandra Torregrosa Jimenez  

Adam Douglas 

Tatyana Braxton 

Lindsey Locklear 

Marjorie Brifil 

Direction USA

Tracy Gray Models & Talent

Greenville Fashion Week

Charleston Fashion Week 

High Point Fashion Week 

Tevin Baskerville

Dayquan Crawford

.Lakera Woodberry 

Andrew Burgess

Paige Sechrist 

Christian Cliene 

Lauren ( Hair By Lodoo) 

April Hill 

Crystal Jennings

Blue Hydrangea Boutique

Nyoni Couture 

Regan Kenny 

Nikon Don

Tira Johnson

Lesley Armstrong

Jessica Harris

Tye Downs

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