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Watch Kimberly Dubay On TwentyOneTV Season 4


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Kimberly Dubay is a talented up-and-coming actress who loves almost everything that allows her to be creative. She has had the main character and supporting roles in many movies including the films: In The Back of my Mind, Hen and Ham movie, The Book Club, Queen City, the Deep, The Nameless, and One Last Chance. Dubay loves being behind the camera just as much as she loves being in front of it as she has had experience writing, directing, and even filming. Kimberly also enjoys painting, decorating, and everything about the fashion and music worlds. Additionally, she is currently teaching herself how to play the guitar.

When it comes to her future goals the list is long as she is someone who seems to dream big. Dubay has said that she hopes to be able to write and direct her own movies, write a hit song for a popular artist, do voiceover work for an animated movie, and write a series of children’s books. She has also noted that she would love to get a group of moms together and do a weekend getaway trip where they can relax while also learning how to be better people, not only for themselves but their kids. Kimberly has also stated that she loves to make people laugh and feel good which is something she hopes to showcase throughout her lifetime. If there is one thing we can be sure about with Kimberly it’s that she will always make sure she is in the world of entertainment. Be sure to look out for this one!

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