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B. Simone Is In Legal Trouble & Here Is How To Learn From It


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B. Simone has been under fire lately over plagiarism allegations after her book release “Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want.”

B. Simone has been under fire lately over plagiarism allegations after her book release “Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want.” Simone broke her silence on social media recently with remorse surrounding the books alleged intellectual properties being copied from other creatives without source citation. She also clarified on her instagram page that it is now a legal matter and she can not speak on it in full. She further spoke “ I dropped the ball.“ 

More about B. Simone … 

Daughter of a Paster,  B. Simone was born in Texas on April 5th 1990. She is a multitalented singer, actress, and social media personality who started off in comedy. Better known for her hilarious instagram content, Simone gained huge popularity after her appearance on MTV show Wild ‘N Out and her antics with superstar artist and rapper Dababy. Her career highlights include a 2012 audition for BET’s “The Search.” In 2014 she released a debut EP, “Lost Soul” and in August 2018 she started a comedy tour “You’re my boooyfriend.”

In the midst of the controversy, a conversation concerning business practices in the industry and publishing options for those who wish to expand their brand arose today on social media. B. Simone isn’t the first to make this mistake, many involved in entertainment have to juggle more then one hat and decide to publish independently. This requires entertainers and other business owners to work with trusted companies with professional appeal and efficiency.

Below is a list of trusted publishers and resources we know and love , as well as tips and hacks to get your message to the masses.

A few preliminary cautions are to have your story edited and written out with photography and graphic images done by a professional artist that you trust. You can always hire a publishing company to format the design for you. If you already have that step completed or if you have the technical skillset to design and format your book or booklet, below are some expert resources to get your book to the masses without fear of legal retribution.

What print options are available for those who wish to publish? 

Print USA :

Saddle Stitch Booklets, Catalogs, Calendars & Brochures #1 Rated Online Booklet Printer.

Mag Cloud :

MagCloud has a format for all of your business and personal publishing needs.

Print Management Group:

Print Management Group is a G7 Master Commercial Printer located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What digital options are available for those who wish to publish?

Amazon Kindle Direct

Understanding Your publishing rights:

Publishing Rights: Writers Grove

Publishing Agreements: Copyright

Where can I sell my book?

On your own personal website or Kindle Direct Publisher & Barnes and Noble have a decent process that takes no longer then 2-3 Business days.

Why you should hire a publishing company or publisher?

If you do not want to publish independently you can hire companies to print and sell your product for you.

Click Here For a List of Publishing Companies

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