What The Community Needs

May 27, 2016
Tasha Mcclarin

Cutting It in the ATL’s Patricia Thompson. What the Community Needs When government falls short then community steps in. I say that because support that doesn’t provide a means to become self-sufficient is not truly support. Touched by an Angel Beauty School and Salon Owner Patricia Thompson has set a high precedence for giving back. Her mission is to help men and women become self-sufficient and make money all while learning a skill that they can truly control their earning potential with the TBA Helping Hands Foundation. TBA Helping Hands Foundation will be giving away 30 scholarships to Touched by an Angel Beauty School. Patricia, an Alabama native, moved to Atlanta and has made moves that have set herself up for success and now she is ready to give back and help other men and women. Her inspiration comes from her own struggles with being a single parent, on welfare, and on section 8 along with her self determination to achieve. She has experienced hardship, overcame, and now is wholeheartedly giving back to help other men and women overcome their struggles with self-sufficiency. She covers subjects from how to be your own boss, diversifying your income and how to get to the next level. In other words, setting someone up to achieve a high level of success. If you are motivated and want success, this program is for you. She has changed the application process by asking applicants to submit an essay so that she can find people who are truly motivated to achieve. The beauty school has been in operation for 2 years with 2 locations and her beauty salon has been in operation for over 20 years with 6 locations. With schools located in Jonesboro, GA and downtown Atlanta she is setting up her recipients for success with convenient access. If you can’t travel to Jonesboro then the downtown Atlanta location is accessible via public transportation so that transportation will not limit your access to the opportunity. In the past she has received donations for bus passes and daycare needs. These essentials are imperative in achieving success and earning a living. Today scholarship winners will be announced at the Touched by an Angel Beauty School MLK location, 8970 MLK Jr. Dr, Atlanta, GA 30314. For more information and or to find out how you can get involved please visit www.touchedbyanangelbeautyschool.com.

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