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Jamie Lynn Spears Reveals Why Zoey 101 was Cancelled, Its Not What You Think.


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After 14 years, Jamie Lynn Spears finally reveals the real reason why Zoey 101 was cancelled.

It has been over a decade since the series finale of Zoey 101 aired on Nickelodeon, and fans are still wondering what happened to cause the iconic show to end. Speculation arose after the 16-year-old star of the show, Jamie Lynn Spears, announced her pregnancy during an interview with OK! Magazine just 5 months before the end of Zoey 101’s final season. Theories flooded around the fanbase as people speculated that the four season-long show was canceled due to Spears’s pregnancy. The popular Nickelodeon star was ripped to shreds by the media as tabloids everywhere were referring to her as an irresponsible role model. However, after almost a decade, Spears is finally setting the record straight about the real reason for the cancellation of the show.

Spears revealed that the show actually ended filming a good six months before she even found out she was pregnant.

In fact, her contract was set to end after the final season anyway. But with the teen star becoming pregnant at the same time as the end of the series, it’s no wonder why fans might have thought the two were related. When a fan asked Spears over Instagram if the contract would have been extended if not for the pregnancy, she replied, ‘No.’ Spears even stated that after the final season of Zoey 101 she had plans to go home to finish high school and pursue movies.

“In today’s world, immediately I’d have my social media to post something, and it’d be cleared up. But even today, people still have their thoughts about it. I didn’t become pregnant until probably six months after we wrapped or something like that, but some of the episodes had not aired yet. I think that there was a conversation with Nickelodeon, rightfully so, of, ‘Do we air these episodes?’ But the show had already wrapped and there was never a negotiation to go into any more seasons. We were too old. It was done.” 

In an interview with Nylon, the child star revealed that she had auditioned for Twilight right before finding out about her pregnancy. “They had to force me. Force me,” Jamie said. “I remember just thinking like, ‘Y’all are insane. I’m not playing a vampire. That is so stupid. Why would I do that?’ But I went and read for that role. I remember sitting in this little room, and I think Lily Collins was there, and I felt so sick. Little did I know, I was pregnant.”

We were also able to find out the reason for the five-year-long hiatus when she took a step back from the public eye, leaving Hollywood and moving to Mississippi. She disclosed that she felt as though she didn’t get a chance to explain the real reason behind the show’s cancellation before the media jumped to conclusions. She also wanted to have some semblance of a normal life to raise her daughter, Maddie. 

“I got myself a little house. I put a big gate up around it, and I was like, I’m going to stay here, raise my baby, and figure this out because this is real life. I’ve put myself in this situation, I’m not condoning it or saying it’s right, but there are the cards that I have to play,” she continued. ‘And I tried to do the best that I could. And yet, sure enough, everywhere I went in Mississippi for that whole nine-months, there was always paparazzi on me everywhere I went. But I just knew that if I stayed away from it long enough that I could give my child some sense of normalcy back in her life.” 

Not only do we finally get closure on the real reason for our favorite 2000s shows ending but we also get to find out what happened to Zoey and the gang after the last season ended.  The Zoey 101 reunion aired October 25th on Veeps allowing fans to take a peek inside of the iconic Zoey 101 time capsule. If you missed it, that’s okay! It only costs $5 to rewatch it.

If things couldn’t get better, we also get a new version of the classic theme song with a music video. The younger Spears sister posted on her Instagram account a tribute to the song that helped start-up her acting career. The updated single, Follow me (Zoey 101) featuring Chantal Jeffries, recently hit the charts on Thursday, October 22, and fans have been loving it! Check out the new single streaming on all platforms and the new music video here.

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