Sharing The Truth-Taking Gospel To The MAXX!

By Kaitlin Booe

“I think God inspired me to rap for him, and later on, I just saw an example of how it could be done without really having to conform to what I knew I would never be able to be.”


Messages like that and many more filled the room at Christian Faith Assembly in Charlotte, NC last Saturday evening. Christian rappers Bizzle, Thisl, Sevin, Datin, and Eshon Burgandy stopped in the Queen City as part of their 2017 Truth Music Tour, presented by God Over Money – a tour that encompassed at least seventeen shows from coast to coast, including a foray into Canada.  But before each artist took the stage individually to share their music – a portion of the evening that began with technical difficulties, allowing Datin to kick off his time on stage acapella – all five artists spent time sharing their truths with fans during a Q&A session.


Topics ranged from the role education played in giving them the ability to put their stories into words, to the authenticity of what they do and.  But perhaps one of the most memorable part of the evening came from answers given to a fan asking for advice on how best to help guide others who may doubt the testimony and message of God. The question allowed for a real moment of connection in which Sevin related to the fan through a similar and shared experience:


“One of the dopest testimonies of recent was a similar situation. My older brother – my big homie from my ‘hood – he came home. And at this time, I was back in the neighborhood and I was trying to do the ministry thing,” Sevin recalled. “We had a meeting. We sat down and I was like ‘Look, bro, you’re home now. Every condition that existed that you fell into that caused you to go to prison is still here. Nothing has changed here, so if you haven’t changed you might as well go check back in.


“So, I just kind of talked to him – like ‘What do you believe in, what are you living for?’ He said ‘I’ll give you six months. I’ll try to do it right for six months. After that, I’m gonna do whatever I gotta do.’ And that was eight years ago, and he just gave his life to the Lord.”


As inspirational as Sevin’s story is, he was quick to assert the importance of being available and being available to someone in a multitude of ways. After all, there is no one way to offer assistance, and if that isn’t a summary of the power of a night spent by people of diverse backgrounds and experiences coming together to celebrate a shared faith through a shared love of music from these five artists, then I don’t know what is.

Taking the Gospel to another LEVEL check out the music from each artist below!





Eshon Burgundy


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