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Summer Walker’s “Still Over It” Tells The True Story Of Her Breakup


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According to BAZAAR : Summer Walker’s Still Over It, which debuted in November, is a work of radical honesty. With her sweet, dark, hypnotic tone, Walker invites fans into her world, showcasing how it feels when happily ever after never happens. Throughout the 20-track album, she opens herself up to the public, walking us through her heartbreak—from sadness to anger to relief in her newfound freedom. And in what might be the most vulnerable move of all, she allows the man who broke her heart his own place within the music: He’s the producer for half the songs.

Using heart-wrenching and melodic lyrics, Walker stands out in the sea of “trap” R&B, a modern take on blues relying heavily on nostalgia, where male artists—like Drake or The Weeknd—have been at the forefront. Unlike her male competitors who boast about their heartbreaks with a misogynistic edge, she flips the narrative, demonstrating how young Black women navigate love and relationships in the social media age.

Still Over It is a story about how the pursuit of love can often be a losing game, told by a Black woman who’s experienced the pain of living in a racist society filled with misogynoir. As music and culture journalist DeAsia Paige, puts it, “Summer Walker’s vulnerability throughout Still Over It validates that pain. By highlighting her experiences, [she] offers some Black women the rare opportunity to see themselves, and that brand of storytelling is what’s making the 25-year-old singer a rising leader in contemporary R&B.”

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