Rachel Lindsay Makes History As The First Black “Bachelorette”

After 33 seasons of the hit ABC franchise The Bachelor, it has recently been announced that Rachel Lindsay will be the first black lead as Bachelorette. The 31-year-old Dallas native is a successful lawyer who is in search for love. What also sets a record is the fact Lindsay is still a contestant on The Bachelor, so this is the first time that the show created a spoiler alert..for itself. Interestingly enough, the show has been criticized for its lack of diversity in other ways as well.

Previous female contestants had stereotypical career choices, such as event planning, dental hygienists, or yoga instructors. Although there is no shame to entering into these fields, it has been noted that they seem either non-threatening or non-competitive. Ironically, the first black contestant had an seemingly high expectation to meet than that of the women before her. Considering that it is 2017, it is quite unfortunate that the decision for Linday to be the “next Bachelorette” is historical in nature.

What is refreshing is that Lindsay has an established career, is attractive, and grounded. Although she is independent, she still longs for a husband to share her successful life with. Lindsay epitomizes many single, educated, black women in America. This is what makes her relatable, and exciting to watch. ABC may have just tapped into a wider audience for The Bachelorette this season.

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