From Public Gossip to Public Apologies: The Quincy Jones Chronicles

Y’all, Quincy Jones is pumping the breaks on all the conversations regarding his comments earlier this month. He’s had a change of heart, according to a Twitter post he made today (February 22).

Kudos to Quincy for admitting that despite his age, he is imperfect and is still learning from his mistakes. His interviews, as intriguing as they were to some, had a lot of people wondering why he felt the need to share everything that he said and why now when the people he spoke about are no longer alive to give their side on the information.

His comments were also not well-received by some family members of the deceased celebrities, including Richard Pyror’s daughter, Rain, and Marlon Brandon’s son, Miko Brando, who denied that there was any relationship between Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando.

In the age of social media where news travels quicker than ever and is very difficult to sweep under the rug, his interviews will never be forgotten. It shows integrity on his part that he chose to publicly apologize for his words in hopes of making amends to all of people he upset by saying the things he said.

Do you think he should’ve apologized or do you prefer when celebrities are unfiltered? Did you want him to say more? Let us know below!

Written by Chris Lewis

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