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Every great act deserves an encore. When it’s the timeless hits of legendary R&B girl group Xscape this is especially true. This encore, however, isn’t simply a follow up performance by R&B royalty. It’s a dope new opening act by Hip Hop’s next generation. Young Niyah, the Princess of the South, is the fresh new face who’s taking center stage. She’s also just happens to be the daughter of Xscape member Tamika Scott.

Young Niyah is an energetic burst to the rap genre. Her hot new single “Hit Em” is stirring up the industry and proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the musical tree.

“I started music at a very young age. I wrote my first song when I was 4 so I think it was just instilled in me”, she explains when asked how music initially captivated her. With a famous mother of a popular 90’s group she was practically born into the business.

Growing up, however, wasn’t all about music for Young Niyah. Her mom made sure school was at the top of her list. “My mom really pushed my education,” she sounds off emphatically. Even with all the talent in the world you get the sense that her mom didn’t want her to lose sight of her priorities.

Sports also played a major role in her life. Young Niyah had a full scholarship to play collegiate softball. “I love them both”, she exhales with endearment. “I started softball and music around the same time when I was younger. I just stopped playing softball about 2 years ago. When I had to make a decision to pursue sports or rap and I turned down that scholarship it showed me that I loved music more.”

Young Niyah had the opportunity to open for her mom on The Great Xscape Tour and it was quite the experience. “My mother has had a huge impact on me. Just watching how hard she works even now when we’re on tour makes me work harder”. Besides my mom my musical influences are Lauren Hill, Drake and Eminem.” Being impacted by legends in the business exudes through her personality and explodes in her music. “I’m a ball of energy, beautiful, a song writer, singer and rapper,” Niyah rhythmically responds when asked how she’d describe herself. “I get a lot of comparisons to Da Brat”, another Atlanta bred artists from the 90’s known for her combustive rapid fire rhymes. Even with their similarities Young Niyah has a style that’s all her own. She has a fun youthful persona with the music to match.

Her latest single entitled “Hit Em” exhibits her melodic flows, flashy style and is ATL to its core. “My inspiration for “Hit Em” was haters. It was for the people who always have something to say. Rather than getting caught up in the negativity Young Niyah has a different approach. “I’m going to hit em with this verse. I’m going to hit em with these shoes”. In other words, her remedy is to let her music speak for her and her lavish style handle the rest.

“I have a long list of artists I’d like to work with. Cardi B, Rae Sremmurd who I really like and PnB Rock are just a few. With her catchy rhymes and uniquely girlish charm collaborations with the industry’s top artists are certainly on the horizon for Young Niyah.

“Stay focused and be true to yourself”, is her advice to other young aspiring artists. “There are so many distractions out there”. Despite her youth it’s apparent that Young Niyah is the product of her own advice. If “Hit Em” is merely the beginning for her, Hip Hop better brace itself for her follow up music. Just like her song Young Niyah definitely leaves quite the impression and The Princess of the South will undoubtedly leave her mark on the industry as well.

For More Information on Young Niyah, Please Visit:

Instagram: officialyoungniyah

Soundcloud: Young Niyah

Written by: Chris Lewis


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