From the glitz and glam of today’s Hip Hop comes an original perspective. Here, the catchy hooks yield to rap in its most organic form. Fade to black…MAC the Black Sheep that is. In the chorus that is current Hip Hop his voice actually stands out.

Mac The Black Sheep, a native North Carolinian, is far more than a rural kid with urban ambitions. He’s a maverick who not only marches to the beat of his own drum but also dictates his own life’s soundtrack as well.

“It was the freedom to say whatever you wanted to say that drew me to Hip Hop,” MAC explains when asked what about the music initially attracted him. “My dad used to play Martin Luther King speeches and his “Drum Major” speech always stood out to me”. With legendary speeches, from transcendent figures such as Dr. King as his muse, rap became a logical choice. “I used to rap at the school lunch tables and got ooze & ahh’s. Then I entered a talent show and got the same reaction. Then it just became a way for me to channel all my negative energy”.

“I chose my name as an artist because I was always considered the BlackSheep of my family. Everyone in my family is 6ft 4 or taller and plays basketball. Anyone who chooses to do something different doesn’t get the same support or enthusiasm behind them”.

“The way I came up made me numb to a lot of stuff but it let me know that I was strong enough to get through certain things”. Mac the Black Sheep is not your typical rapper. There’s a depth to him that his music inevitably displays. “As an artist it gives me something to talk about. It also makes me want to give somebody something they can relate to; get them through that hard time in their life”. Mac uses his pain and turns it into inspiration which is a musical quality that makes his music ultra relatable.

“A lot people compare me to J. Cole obviously from the Fayetteville connection”, he quips when asked how he characterizes himself as an artist. Mac The BlackSheep is from a town called Southern Pines which is only about an hour from Fayetteville, NC where J. Cole grew up. “We have similar stories with both of our mom’s being on drugs”. According to Mac that’s about where their similarities end. It’s not because he doesn’t respect J. Cole’s music. He simply wants to be his own artist. He doesn’t want to be in anyone’s shadow.

There are countless artists, however, that he’d like to share the spot light with. Mac would love to collaborate with Icons such as Farrell and Snoop to Neo Soul legends Jill Scott and Erykah Badou. He even envisions working with the likes of Stevie Wonder which is a testament to The Black Sheep’s range. His vision spans far beyond the scope of music. He has his own clothing line affectionately called Pineology. Mac looks not only to impact rap music but the culture surrounding it as well.

His latest eat musical project is an album entitled “Everytime”. It features a side for guys and one directed specifically for the ladies. “My favorite track off this album is probably one called “Lame S**t”. I lost a lot of people recently to violence and prison”. The song features an acoustic guitar uniquely designed to highlight and accompany his emotional lyrics.

Mac the Black Sheep is an artist who is not afraid to take the road less traveled in Hip Hop. Whether it’s anger, sadness or pain he encapsulates it all. The result is a introspective journey with a very personable feel. Mac the Black Sheep is a refreshing flow to a very predictable track in Hip Hop.

Written by Chris Pointe



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