Making Stars Brighter Than Diamonds by Way of Music

Making Stars Brighter Than Diamonds by Way of Music

(Music Issue Feature)

Many of us recall taking an art or music class during our early years in elementary, middle, and even high school. I enjoyed music class playing instruments. I recall grabbing my favorite choice, the tambourine made of wood or plastic with bright metal jingles, the zills. I would race to grab my favorite instrument, because there were limited supplies. I made all the noise I wanted; it was a “free for all” type of class.  To this day, I enjoy watching “the saints” in church play the tambourine. They make it look so easy to use. The beat from the “membrane head skin”, the ivory colored backing, has an awesome sound!

Unfortunately, some students are at a disadvantage when it comes to a performing arts program. The classes or programs are no longer part of their curriculum. The “arts” refers to physical expression of creativeness which is found in all cultures. This includes visual arts, performing arts and even literary arts.

In recent years, many public schools view performing arts as a luxury simply because the funds are not always available. In most cases many schools fail to provide optional programs.

Many students will need to use outside resources to participate in specific programs for performing arts. Meanwhile,  some students are receiving support from specific nonprofit organizations such as Support a Cause Foundation for the Arts  (SACFFTA) created by philanthropist, Marche’ Taylor Templeton.

Ms. Taylor Templeton, a Baltimorean herself, is also a former student who enjoyed chorus programs throughout her childhood education. Her strong desire to provide assistance to children lacking programs such as chorus, provided the eagerness to start her nonprofit, SACFFTA. The organization provides funds to offset the costs required to attend independent programs.                                                                                                     

“Tell us about Support a Cause Foundation for the Arts.”

“The organization is focused on partnering and bridging the gaps with other non profits that are all doing the work. It’s created for leverage for direct services for kids. Unfortunately, there is a financial need for all organizations with little to no funding.  My organization was created to provide funding to help the nonprofit organizations that are in need of funding.

We have recently partnered and will be providing grants for Muse 360 Arts, a nonprofit which provides diverse backgrounds in the arts programs, as well as, Crystal Clear Celebrity Camp. The children go into the studio and record music and even obtain “head shots”. They get a chance to get the full Hollywood experience at this particular camp.

“So, please tell me about the single you recently released.”

“I recorded a song to support funding for my nonprofit titled Naked. It was a way for me to do the things I love and also help the nonprofit.  I am a song writer and I work with producers in Baltimore. Nate Lanzino helped produce the song Naked. However, I am creating an album to get a greater fundraiser stream from the album, with a tentative date for release in September. The album will be titled Naked.  

“Why did you choose the name Naked?”

“The title Naked came to me because I was on social media reading about how the world is always suggesting “keeping it real”. And the moment you do, you are sometimes criticized with what you do.  I think of Naked as being free and clear and just bare with no cover ups.”

We certainly look forward to Marche’Taylor Templeton’s album release Naked and look forward to providing assistance with Support a Cause for the Arts Foundation.

Remain on the lookout for up and coming events and how you can donate or assist by logging on to the foundation’s website.

Written by Anitra Scott

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