” I had a near death experience, my car flipped 3 times, and you know what I was thinking as my car was flipping?…Man it’s alot of Sh*t in my car!” The crowed erupts with laughter as she joked about her car accident and her hot astronaut boyfriend’s breakup. Lisa opened  the Netflix Special filiming for Patton Oswalt’s ” I Love Things” in Charlotte this past Saturday Evening.

Level21 Magazine had the amazing opportunity to interview the upcoming comedian Lisa Corrao from Fort Lauderdale during her opening act for famed comedian Patton Oswalts’ Netflix special. This would be the second female comedian that has taken part in Level21 magazine’s journey of rising stars. It was wonderful to see such passion and excitement when her jokes are being delivered on stage. With these questions, Level21 magazine was able to uncover the life of Lisa and truly share the love and bravery behind her comedy.

When did you know you wanted to be a comedian?

It was at some point during high school when I began fantasizing about it. I still have my book where I would write down all my jokes in hope to one day present them on a stage. My very first joke that I can still remember was kind of gross, but I believe that’s what started everything. I wasn’t even the class clown in school, I was the well behaved, quiet, shy person who would write a lot. I made sure I wrote down my jokes and ever since then I thought about becoming a comedian.

“This was such a highschool joke but..My very first joke that I wrote was a book of home remedies for a recipe for a garlic douche. You should never put garlic in your vagina unless you are going to get raped by Dracula.”      

Where you ever an odd ball along with being shy in school? If so, how did you come out of your shell?

I have always been an odd ball and I have always been able to embrace it. I thought it was awesome to be a little bit weird especially when I was a kid growing up. I would be the one to build robots and make my closet into a rocket ship. I loved to be weird.

Do you have a Supportive family?

Oh my gosh, I do. My parents are so supportive it’s adorable. My mom will literally wear a shirt with my face on it and my dad will tell everyone his daughter is a comedian. It’s so funny. But my parents have always been that way with any job or choice that I decide to make for myself.

When you decided to pursue comedy, how did that process go?

From the beginning I knew immediately that I wanted to do comedy. When I did my first show, I was so full of adrenaline that I knew I didn’t want to do anything else ever again. Comedy is like a drug. It can be sort of impulsive, but the feelings afterwards leave you feeling incredible. I loved being a teacher, but I felt that when I put my heart and soul into it, I would still feel exhausted. When I tried comedy, it was completely different, more fulfilling, and I knew it was perfect for me. I probably quit my job sooner than I should have, but nevertheless, I went full force with comedy. I had just turned 30 when I started and said to myself, “this is what I really want to do with my life and I’m going for it; I’m all in”

You mentioned that you were a teacher and specialized in sixth grade. What made you take the leap of faith to pursue a career in comedy? Were you afraid?

For sure! I would have to say it was an impulse decision, but I fell in love with comedy right away and it was natural for me. I was such a funny teacher that other teachers next door would have to check in on my class and ask us to quiet down because I would have my students laughing so hard.

How do you handle a bad crowd if you’ve ever had one?

I think everyone can agree when I say there is nothing scarier than teaching sixth graders. It was an easy transition from a sixth grader who didn’t want to pay attention to a room full of drunk adults who also don’t want to pay attention. It was a piece of cake! Sometimes It’s okay if you bomb, it’s what you learn afterwards that creates the experience. If you can laugh at it and keep going, then that’s the true benefit from having a tough crowd. I relax, switch gears, and go about my routine. Sometimes nothing works, but you just learn to roll with it.

Where do you get your material from?

Honestly, by living my life. We all have a jerk in our heads that is mean to ourselves and super judgey, but I believe it helps me write jokes. Ninety percent of my material I think of I don’t even end up using. I don’t want anyone to be hurt or uncomfortable by that tiny jerk, I just want to make them laugh. I will use that jerk as a tool though, but more of the material comes from my life. I’ll find myself writing down every note or idea I have in my head and using that to come up with a new routine.

What about comedy do you love the most?

I love coming up with the jokes, it is the purest part of it all. Being able to come up with a funny idea that initially makes you laugh and then sharing it with others causing them to laugh the same way is unforgettable. There is nothing better.

Have you met any seasoned comics that you admire, and have they given you any advice?

Patton Oswalt. He is such a good person and a wonderful guy to meet. He is a bright shining star. He is not only good to other comedians, but he also tries his best to help and offer wisdom. The one thing that has stuck with me from multiple comedians is, “Be yourself on stage”. If you find your voice and make your mark on what you’re creating, it becomes the best for others and the best for yourself.

What would be some advice for the people who want to do exactly what you did, leave their job, go in head on, etc.?

Do not care too much about the money. The money will be inconsistent, but as long as you know that going in and embrace the struggle, you will come out knowing what is important. Remembering what you love and why you do it is what’s most important.

How can people get in touch and stay connected with you?

If you have the spelling of my name, you will be able to find me anywhere on social media. Everything is @LisaCorrao


Written by: Lilly Taylor

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