Being Humble Got a Kendrick Lamar a Biography

A biography on the life of K-Dot himself could be on the shelves eventually. If you’re a huge fan of Kendrick, this might be a great opportunity to get a deeper look into the man behind the music.

One of the captivating things about Kendrick is that he expresses himself very well in his music already, but not too much is known about Kendrick’s life growing up in Compton unless you really do your research.

The book is being penned by author and Pitchfork writer, Marcus J. Moore. He formally announced the biography on Twitter on Wednesday, March 22.

“My book details the artist’s coming of age as an MC, how he helped resurrect two languishing genres (bebop and jazz), his profound impact on a racially fraught America, and his emergence as the bonafide King of Rap,” Marcus tells Pigeons and Planes. “It details how his story directly connects to the charged spirits of art and revolution. Ultimately, the biography explores the broad global impact of Mr. Lamar and his work.”

Kendrick’s lyricism and intellectualism are highly regarded in the hip hop industry, and it would certainly make for a great biography to learn more about what inspires him. Moore says that he has interviews already in place to ensure that the book has the blessing of Kendrick’s team, first and foremost, as well as making sure that the MC’s life is depicted accurately.

We will certainly be eagerly awaiting the biography’s eventual release!

Written by Chris Lewis

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