What to Expect in American Horror Story: 1984


American Horror Story 1984 Trailer

After fans were convinced the series, American Horror Story, had concluded with their last season, the television show has returned, spookier than ever. This season is modeled after the ‘80s slasher genre and is titled “1984.”

1984 takes us to summer camp with the horror element being the two mysterious serial killers on the loose. 1984’s story utilizes classic ’80s horror tropes along with gratuitous gore and campy drama which the series is known for. Emma Roberts even makes a return as the series’ final girl, as she is portrayed as an innocent teen girl which diverges from her previous roles throughout the AHS seasons.

Showrunners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have taken note of the trend toward nostalgic ‘80s and ‘90s style of film, specifically shows like “Stranger Things,” and have used this to their advantage when it comes to the marketing of this season. 

When it comes to the cast, there will be many familiar faces from prior seasons. Emma Roberts plays Brooke, recently located to LA she quickly makes friends with a group of friends who all represent a classic ‘80s film trope.

Billie Lourd plays Montana, the overly mature and overtly sexual girl.

Cody Fern plays a method actor who takes a job at a summer camp instead of acting in commercials.

Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy plays Chet, the jock, and DeRon Horton plays Xavier, the group’s peacemaker. 


We later learn that this summer camp is the same place where, 14 years ago, a group of teens were killed where the only survivor was Margret, played by Leslie Grossman.

Margret grows up to purchase the camp with the intention to reopen it, but the reopening reignites the killer, named “Mr. Jingles,” played by John Carroll Lynch. 

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