Elon Musk is Dabbling in Music, Releasing His First Single


Tech CEO Elon Musk is following in the strange footsteps of his girlfriend, and mother of his soon to be child, Grimes, by releasing music. This is the first endeavor of Musk’s into music and is certainly a divergence from his chosen career path, however, everyone has hobbies.

The song is called, “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe,” and it was initially released on Soundcloud, however now the song is available on most streaming platforms. Musk has also cultivated a stage persona, releasing the song under the name Elon “EDM” Musk.

Musk described the song to his Twitter followers in a series of tweets, explaining that he wrote and performed the vocals on the song. He also prefaced the tone of the song before it’s release stating on Twitter, “this song is hard.”

Musk also shared photos of himself in the studio on Twitter with the caption, “Vibbbe.”



The song itself is about four minutes of EDM beats which Musk’s vocals repeat, “don’t doubt your vibe,” over for the duration of the song. While the production and lyrics are simple, the consensus among EDM fans is that the song is, “not bad.”

Check it out:

Elon Musk - Don’t Doubt ur Vibe (Audio)

Photo source: Fortune

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