Double Cover Feature-Drenched Up With The Glo Twinz

Double Cover Feature-Drenched Up With The Glo Twinz

Look closely, Can you tell them apart?

Better known for their stage name, the “Glo. Twinz”, meet Paris and Pierre Byrdsong, identical twins from Georgia.

Level 21 sat down with the Twins to learn a little more about them and their shine.

Originally from Dayton Ohio, Paris and Pierre moved to Jonesboro, Georgia in 2013 with dreams of taking over the entertainment industry. After a couple of years of putting in work, the pair are now a triple threat; famous for their acting, dance and rap skills.

Soon to be 18, the twins fell in love with music many years ago when their brother, artist Retta Babi, started making beats for them to dance to. The movements came effortlessly to them, and they have been dancing ever since. Rapping was the next evolution in their career. Seeing their popularity grow, their brother, artist RettaBabi, began writing songs for them. Soon rapping became as innate to them as dancing was. Their first single, “It’s My Birthday” was a hit. It received over 20,000 plays the first week on SoundCloud. It wasn’t long after that they found themselves working with artist like Migos and iHeart Memphis.

Paris and Pierre may be identical twins, but they stand apart with a swag all their own. Although they often dress alike, they pride themselves on creating looks that stand out from the crowd. They love to pair old school favorites like Reeboks and Bomber jackets with new trends. It’s important to them that their brand always represents their energy and flare for life.

It’s a real exciting time for the boys. The twins are fond of how far they have come.

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