Cover Story: Falling Through April!

By Chris Lewis

Every now and again you meet a group of young musicians who truly have talent and drive; gaining a following in North Carolina, this alt-rock band, Falling Through April will be one of the few to change the landscape of rock for the better for Carolinas and beyond. In the midst of troublesome circumstances like transmission explosions and previous vocalists going M.I.A., managed to thrive together and create some pretty amazing music for fans to jam out to. The band consists of Mikaela Salazar (lead vocalist), Dan Candia (vocalist and guitarist), Jim Siani (guitarist), Dave Piontek (vocalist and bassist), Taylor Foster (drummer/percussionist). They all hail from different parts of the ‘States, but Dan, Jim, Dave, and Taylor found each other while playing in other bands that were apart of Charlotte’s indierock scene. Once Mikaela joined in 2016, the band felt complete and they went on to release their first single together called “Desperate Measures” in September of 2017. Just months later, they released their album called Zodiac on January 19, 2018.Falling Through April has opened for bands such as Theory of a Deadman, The Pretty Reckless, Pop Evil, Adelitas Way, and Flyleaf, among others. They’ve also performed at Warped Tour, SXSW, Florida Music Festival, Sonorous Music Festival, Dewey Beach Music Conference, and Celebrate Fairfax. We had the opportunity to receive some pretty intriguing history on the band as individuals and some of their musical influences.


For each band member, can you please tell us about your background? Where are you all from and how did you all get into music?


Mikaela: I’m originally from California but I’ve lived in a few places across the country. Music is like air in my household – growing up it was everywhere. My whole family is musical; my dad plays bass, mom sings, etc. There is a picture of us performing as a family in Mexico with me on guitar.


Dan: I was born and raised in Maryland and decided to move to the Carolinas on my own in 2009. One of my brothers, Lou, introduced me to various bands my whole life that made me interested in picking up an instrument but my dad always encouraged me to ‘keep practicing’ and evolve. He also used to play guitar around the house so I grew up hearing it.


Taylor: My dad is a drummer so I always looked up to him for inspiration. Seeing him play I knew that’s what I wanted to do. He lives in Arkansas and I spent time between there and North Carolina growing up.


Jim: I’m from Pennsylvania and just grew up listening to music that inspired me to want to be a musician. The way certain songs or artists made me feel, that’s how I want to make others feel.


Dave: I’m like Pepsi, born and raised in the Carolinas. I got into music because of my mom. She’s a singer and church band leader but always told me I need to get into playing the bass and as soon as I picked up a bass I knew that was my instrument and I still haven’t put it down yet.


Who do you all look up to musically as a group or solo act?


Mikaela: Gwen Stefani from No Doubt, Hayley Williams from Paramore, Jenna

McDougall from Tonight Alive.


Taylor: I’ve always been a big Incubus fan. The Beatles too.


Dan: I have a really diverse taste in music but I was heavily influenced by Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine, and old school Metallica and that’s what inspired me to want to play guitar. I also look up to artists like Thrice, Paramore, Incubus, and Andy McKee.


Jim: My favorite band is Weezer but I grew up listening to Alice Cooper and Aerosmith.


Dave: For me it’s 90’s alternative bands like The Offspring. That time period in

Alternative rock music was full of talent and really catchy songs.


What is your favorite song you all have done so far as group?


Mikaela: Probably With You in Mind or Better Off Alone. Dan and I fought hard to keep Better Off Alone on the album but With You in Mind just has something special to me in it.


Dan: Yeah, I agree with Mikaela. For me, “With You in Mind” has something extra special to me. I wrote that song when I was in a really dark place in my head and my life. I didn’t give her any backstory I just let her connect to it emotionally and she nailed it. Literally wrote the perfect words to capture what I was feeling when I wrote the original idea.


What made you all continue looking for group members? What made you not give up when you were “Falling Through April”?


Jim: At the time we were looking for a vocalist we had been together for five years. We had two previous albums released, international tour history, major festival performances,etc., so, we didn’t want to leave that behind. We were looking for a male to replace our

former vocalist and working with Mikaela on the side to put something completely new together, but the more we wrote together we realized how well she fit in with the sound of Falling Through April and decided to move forward that way.


Where do you see Falling Through April in five years?


Jim: There is no limit to how far and high we want to go. We want to be out on terrestrial radio, playing even bigger festivals, and secure management and label support. So far, everything we’ve done up to this point has been grass roots and we’re doing just fine – we just want to be doing much better than we are and think it’s time to have a third party step in that specializes in those areas.


We wish you all continued success and we look forward to hearing new music from you! Readers, you can follow the band on Twitter @bandfta, Facebook (Falling Through April), Instagram @fallingthroughaprilofficial, YouTube (Falling Through April), and search Falling Through April on Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify! 


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