Club One’s Peter Thomas Denies Check Fraud Allegations That Sent Him To Jail In Miami

Club One’s Peter Thomas Denies Check Fraud Allegations That Sent Him To Jail In Miami

Peter Thomas, former husband of Atlanta Housewives star Cynthia Bailey and owner of several other business ventures in Charlotte, is fortunate enough to be lying comfortably in his own bed. Days following his release he took to Instagram stating “… Feel so blessed to be in my bed tonight. And I can get up and go to the shower, restroom, refrigerator. Balcony to go look outside. And I don’t have to ask permission to!”

After being arrested stemming from charges in Louisiana on bad checks, Thomas vehemently denies the allegations. Innocent until proven guilty is the U.S. mantra, and Thomas took no time after his release to set the record straight. Taking to social media in a video, Thomas stated his account had been compromised during the time monies were being deposited for booking talent.

The celebrity businessmen didn’t specify the agency in question but gave insight on the talent to be booked for his venue. According to Thomas, American R&B singer Chico Debarge was to perform at his Charlotte Night Club however had not come. He strongly suggests that the singer receives his money from the $4,000 payment, going on to suggest the middle man only receive 10% seeing that commission from booking talent is usually of that percentage. “So he put me in jail for 6 days for four hundred dollars… Make sure you get your money, Chico Debarge.” We would figure this much seeing that Thomas has gone through jailing in this matter. Per his video, he spent 23 hours in a psych ward where he claims a fluorescent light never went out.

On a more positive note; in his video Thomas commends Dade County officers and inmates for their treatment not only to him but each other. Stating that he and inmates were addressed by Mr. followed by their last names and multiple inmates shared fruits with him. “I have three sons and I will never want to see them go through that.”

Written by Lillian Blanche

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