Capturing Memories With Nathan Pearcy

Capturing Memories With Nathan Pearcy

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Nathan Pearcy’s passion for photography has landed him on the map, shooting diverse & high profile clients. His vision, beautiful & raw, sets him apart from a lot of photographers because he doesn’t hide away from showing the truth.

Nathan was born in Asheville, NC but raised in Atlanta, GA. The south didn’t influence his ideas, the content he creates nor his style of photography. But, he went to a school that was in an artistic environment. Nathan’s biggest influences are Loretta Houston, Mike Ruiz, and Derek Blanks. Nathan hasn’t met any of these artists but when asked if he could meet one of them his response was he’d love to meet ‘Mike Ruiz!’  Nathan expressed immense appreciation for Mike’s eye for color.

His motto “Capturing memories and recollecting excitement into a still photo” came from his days at Sears. He was working with a client who had lost their house, and with it, a space full of pictures she had been storing. Nathan believes that ‘pictures will capture anything you want to remember at that time’.

(Continued) For more of Nathan’s story make sure to check out our media and photography issue out on December 1st! 

Written by Mary Lucas

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