Antoinne Duane Jones And The Big Picture

Antoinne Duane Jones And The Big Picture

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The famous Spanish artist, Joan Miro, once said, “You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life.” As a testament to this quote, Antoinne “Duane” Jones is creating impressionable masterpieces captured on film. As a matter of fact, his noteworthy aesthetic garnered him the prestigious award of being named as 2017’s “Atlanta’s Hottest Photographer” by The Atlanta Hottest Awards Association (TAHAA).

     Duane is a native of Youngstown, Ohio. Although he was raised in the Mid-West, his innovative and positive influence has reached further than any geographical location. Prior to his transition into the photography industry, Duane was a high school marketing teacher for six years. As an educator, he desired to help teens to understand the importance of “being loyal, not cutting corners and grinding” within their professional and personal lives.

However, Duane understood that success requires not only sacrifice, but also passion. He has transformed his sacrifices and passion into a viable business that goes beyond just photography. His talent and ingenuity as a marketer, speaker, advertiser, brand consultant, fashion & event producer, and writer helped him transform his brand beyond photographs. Duane has created an cutting edge business called, “Antoinne Duane Jones Media (ADJM)”. His media group is focused on consumer and commercial clients to help them achieve their goals through not only pictures, but also, image consulting, brand marketing, social media marketing, and so much more.

(Continued) For more of Antoinne’s story make sure to check out our media photography issue out on December 1st! 

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