ALL NEW HIPHOP: Big Greg – Oh No (ft. LaTruth)

ALL NEW HIPHOP: Big Greg – Oh No (ft. LaTruth)

Check out the visuals for the new single, ‘Oh No’ by Big Greg featuring LaTruth

Big Greg originally from Raleigh, NC, now based out of Charlotte. Big Greg is on a mission creating music that you will love without the use of profanity.In the “Oh No” video, Big Greg and LaTruth take us through an hilarious journey over a woman.

According to Artist Rack Big Greg speaks on the motivation behind the song.

“Oh No” is about a past relationship that he was in, where he could barely afford to buy food for himself – let alone spoil his girl the way she wanted, which made him feel inadequate. He says, “After about five months in, she told me that she could do better by finding someone that could spoil her. Shortly after, she began dating a guy who had graduated and was well off into his career, and the rest is history. I wanted to capture that story for ‘Oh No’ and the fight scene was basically how I would have imagined it would have went down, me knocking him OUT!”

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